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What to Look for When Choosing a Wine Cabinet for Your Texas Home or Business

Wine cabinets are great options for collectors who do not have the right budget and/or space for a wine cellar. They can keep your wines at the right temperature and humidity levels. You just have to make sure that your wine cabinet is manufactured by a trusted wine storage specialist. Know the advantages of wine cabinets and learn some tips in choosing the right storage unit for you.

The Benefits of Using a Wine Cabinet to Store Your Collection

Wine Cabinet with Built-In Wine Cooling Unit

Wine cabinets have been a popular choice for in residential and commercial spaces. Units with built in cooling system function like climate-controlled wine cellars. This means that you don’t need to spend for  the construction of a full wine cellar to protect your wines from the damaging environmental factors.

They are also equipped with functional features, affordable, sophisticated, and space-efficient, making them ideal storage options for limited spaces, small collections, and tight budget.

Wine Cellar Specialists, a wine storage expert in Texas, offers quality and efficient refrigerated wine cabinets. You may opt for a freestanding, countertop, or built-in unit. Their wine cabinets are manufactured by Le Cache, Climadiff, and Vinotheque. They can help you choose the most suitable style of wine cabinet depending on your needs.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Wine Cabinet for Your Home or Business.

Refrigerated Wine Cabinet by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

These are just a few.

  1. How many bottles do you want to store? Make sure the wine cabinet is big enough not only for the bottles you currently have but for twice that amount… as your collection will grow once you have proper wine storage.
  2. Be sure that the niche size for the bottles in the cooler is large enough. Some coolers out there only allow room for an average size 750 bottle. If you have Pinots or larger odd shaped bottles, they may not fit. You want at least 3 3/4″ of space.
  3. Be sure you research the quality of the manufacturer. Make sure that you are purchasing a unit that will last.
  4. Check to see if your wine cooling unit also has humidity control.
  5. Depending on where you plan to place the cooler… you may want one with both cooling and heating capabilities.
  6. Look not only at function but style. Do you want a furniture look or something more refrigerator looking.
  7. Look at the warranty. Some manufacturers will pay for parts and labor for a specific period of time. Others only parts. Some will require their in house service people make all recommendations for service under their warranties. Others pay for in-house service through a network of technicians. Warranty time frames also vary.
  8. Do you want metal or wood wine racks? Do you want individual niches or shelves? Do you want them stationary or rolling? This is a matter of personal choice and look.
  9. wine cabinet by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

    Credenza Wine Cabinets by Le Cache

    Are you planning on placing this in an open space or in a niche? How high are your ceilings? These things will determine if you can go with a rearventing unit, a top venting unit, or a front venting unit.

  10. Do you want a single temperature unit for storage or a multi-temperature unit for storage and drinking temps?
  11. Do you want a unit with a built in wine cooling system or a self-contained system? There are pros and cons to each.
  12. What is your price range? It is always better to spend a little more to get a quality unit than to go cheap and be disappointed when the unit is poor quality and does not last. Wine cabinets can range from $500-600 for a small inexpensive unit to $10,000-$12,000 or more for a large deluxe furniture model.

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