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Well-Designed Texas Commercial Wine Cellars

How can you attract potential customers to purchase wine in your restaurant, hotel, or wine store if you have mediocre wine displays? Wine Cellar Specialists, a trusted builder in Texas, designs and installs commercial wine cellars that can help the owners to generate profit. 

Choose Stylish and Quality Wine Racks to Attract Potential Customers

Commercial Wine Cellar Racks Texas

Commercial Wine Cellar Racks Texas

Your wine rack system has a big role in product presentation. If you invest in mediocre storage units, do not expect increase in sales.

While deciding upon the features of your commercial wine racks, it is important to consider style, functionality, and materials.

The style depends on the kind of wines that you have for display. Think about what you want your customers to feel when they enter your premises.

Should the impression be ‘California Vineyard’, ‘European wine cellar’ or a more contemporary look? This will help you to choose the right design or style of your wine cellar.

Wood Racking or Metal Racking?

Wooden Commercial Wine Racks

Wooden Commercial Wine Racks

Wooden commercial wine racks are widely used in wine cellar construction because of their visual appeal. Its warmth and classic look will enhance the beauty of your Texas commercial wine cellar. They can be made from attractive wood species, such as Redwood, Mahogany, and Pine.

Redwood and mahogany are most often chosen when considering wood wine racks. These wood varieties are known for their beauty, durability, and high resistance to mildew, making them suitable for climate-controlled wine rooms.

Pine can also be used if you are not placing the racks in a cooled environment. Wine racks made from pine are not only beautiful, but versatile as well. Whether stained or unfinished, they can go well with any theme in your hotel, restaurant, or wine store.

However, Wine Cellar Specialists recommend staining and lacquering your wooden wine racks to make wooden wine racks more appealing to clienteles.

You should choose the wood and finish that blends well with the décor of your store. The texture, grain and color of the wood also have an important impact on the finish and over look of your wine cellar.

As for durability, Mahogany is the hardest wood, followed by redwood. Pine is a softer wood but is also the most cost effective.

Metal Commercial Wine Racks Texas

Metal Commercial Wine Racks Texas

Texas commercial wine cellars with modern design are also eye-catching. Wine Cellar Specialists uses metal wine racks to create stunning wine storage displays. These storage units offer a space-efficient and cost-effective wine storage solution.

Metal racking in black or platinum finishes are commonly used in commercial wine racking for a more contemporary look.

For functionality, you have to think in terms of floor space required. Will you have a cooled room for your more expensive wines or will everything be displayed in the store floor space?

How many bottles will you want to have in stock? How many different labels will you want to display?

Do you want bulk storage as well as individual bottle storage? Do you want a space for case storage? Ensure that the wine cellar solution that you choose does the job of displaying your stock properly and functions well as the business grows.

Hire a Master Wine Room Builder

For more information on commercial wine cellars, and to get professional help and a free drawing for your wine rack design and floor plan, visit

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