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Light up Your Wine Cellar With Elegant Backlighting Fixtures

Backlighting Fixtures for Custom Wine Cellar Designs 

Add warmth and additional character to your custom wine cellar with LED backlighting. Grab a glass and relax with these stunning light fixtures.

Elegant Options for Backlighting

  • Real Stone Veneer
  • Thin Slate Veneer
  • Faux Onyx
  • Faux Marble

How to Utilize Backlighting in Your Wine Cellar

Backlighting can be used to create ambiance in a variety of ways. This custom feature can be added to walls, ceilings, and wine racks. Call Wine Cellar Specialists today to discuss these lighting displays.


Accentuate your collection with backlit walls. Real stone veneer, thin slate veneer, faux onyx, and faux marble are all exquisite options for any wine cellar.


Backlighting fixtures add artistic flare to any wine cellar design. Incorporate this element with your ceiling to wow guests when showing off your cellar. 

Wine Racks 

Highlight your wine collection by adding backlighting fixtures behind wine racks. This exquisite feature will display your collection in its best light. These dazzling designs will accentuate any cellar from modern to traditional.

Modular Corner Columns

Modular corner column backlighting fixtures can be added to any corner. They can also be connected to assemble a backlit free standing square. CLICK HERE to learn more about this modular system.

Illuminate Your Wine Cellar With Wine Cellar Specialists 

Are you looking to add custom backlighting to your wine cellar? Wine Cellar Specialists can help you find the perfect fixture for your design. Contact us about lighting options today!

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