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Awesome ***BASEMENT WINE CELLAR*** in Chicago

Chicago Basement Wine Cellar is a 10! See this Staggeringly Beautiful Home Wine Room!

This beautiful wine cellar was created in the homeowner’s basement of this Chicago residence.

Chicago BASEMENT **Wine Cellar** is a 10!

Many people think that storing wine in the kitchen cabinet or cardboard boxes will not damage their collection. With a lack of knowledge about proper wine storage, they choose to let their wine be harmed by heat, vibration, and/or odor. They end up with spoiled wines in their storage cabinets. Homeowners, you can transform an unused space into a climate-controlled wine room. Check out a gorgeous wine cellar built in a basement. 

Captivating Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Small Room Underground

Basement Wine Cellar Design Chicago Illinois Builders

Basement Wine Cellar Design Chicago Illinois Builders

It is common for homeowners, who have no refrigerated wine rooms, to have bad wine in their collection. If you care for your investment, you should look for a space in your house where you can build a proper wine cellar for your collection.

You don’t need a large room above ground. You can now build a safe place for your wines in a small basement. You just need to work with an expert in wine cellar construction.

Chicago Basement Wine Cellar Design

Chicago Basement Custom Wine Cellar Design

Wine Cellar Specialists has recently completed a wine room installation project in Chicago, Illinois. The construction of the actual room was done by Reliable Home Improvements of Naperville, Illinois, a partner of ours in the Chicago area.

The cooling equipment, custom wine cellar door, LED accent lighting, and wine racks were provided and installed by Wine Cellar Specialists.

We created a 3-dimensional design to allow our client to visualize their custom wine cellar. A careful assessment of our client’s needs helped us build a beautiful and safe wine storage area in their home.

We used stunning wooden wine racks, a reliable wine cooling system, impressive lighting, and a stylish door.

High Quality Refrigeration Unit by CellarPro

CellarPro Cooling Unit for Chicago Basement Wine Room

CellarPro 3200Vsi Wine Cellar Cooling System Chicago

Maintaining the optimum conditions in your cellar will help with the proper aging of your wines. Temperature and humidity are important factors that must be regulated to prevent wine from getting ruined.

The key to achieving the ideal wine storage conditions is installing an efficient wine refrigeration system.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer various types and brands of cooling units. Our refrigeration expert determines the correct size, type, and capacity of the cooling system based on the following:

  • size and location of your wine room
  • number of bottles you intend to store
  • your budget
  • wine rack design
Wine Cooling System Ducts Air Into and Our of the Chicago Basement Wine Cellar

The Air is Ducted Into and Out of the Chicago Wine Cellar Through a Soffit Near the Ceiling of the Left Wall.

In this Chicago basement wine cellar project, we used a Cellarpro 3200Vsi self-contained wine cooling system that is fully ducted and sits in a nearby closet. The air is ducted into and out of the cellar through a soffit near the ceiling of the left wall.

Cool air is ducted into the unit, with a grill in an air-conditioned space on one side of the closet. The warm air is blown out through a duct and grill on the other side of the closet into another larger room.

CellarPro wine cooling systems were designed with digital displays and precision electronic thermostats. This feature allows for easy viewing of the temperature in your home wine cellar.

These units also come with visual and audible alarms, which gives a warning when the temperature exceeds the normal range. It also warns the owner when the cooling equipment fails and/or needs maintenance.

Redwood Wine Racks

In every wine cellar that we build, we always ensure that it adds value to our client’s home by using a high quality and visually appealing racking system.

In this project, we constructed the wine racks from wood. These provide warmth and a classic appeal to wine cellars. They are also sturdy and durable.

All Heart Redwood Wine Racks and Bins - Lighted Display Row, Solid X cubes and Case Storage

All Heart Redwood Custom Wine Racks Chicago

The wine racks were custom made to fit the room in ALL HEART REDWOOD with a coat of lacquer added for a fine finish. All of the X bins, case storage, cabinets, and quarter round are made from solid pieces of redwood. We made all of the racks an exact height that would fit perfectly under the soffit and then added solid tops so that cases can also be stacked above.

Elevation A and Elevation B

The Corking Station for Basement Wine Cellar

The Corking Station for Basement Wine Cellar Chicago

When you enter into the wine room, the wine racks on the wall where the door is installed (elevation A), consist of a tabletop at the center, with two drawers and two cabinets under it. This serves as the corking station of the room. We installed column wine racks on both sides of this area.

The left wall (elevation B) consists of X-bins at the center and two case storage bins below them. We used a true-radius curved corner wine rack on both sides of the X-bins. We also added a display row that lines the middle section of the left and right wall racking. This bottle orientation highlights some of the favorite vintages of our client. The top most section was designed for single bottle storage.

Elevation C and Elevation D

Lighted Arch and Tabletop in Chicago, Illiniois Basement Wine Cellar

Lighted Arch and Tabletop in Chicago, Illiniois Basement Wine Cellar

The front wall (elevation C) is the focal point of this Chicago basement wine cellar. It has a peninsula table and arch at the center. We placed a gorgeous piece of artwork in the arch.

On both sides of the table are individual wine racks and a high reveal display row. Another quarter round display rack created a smooth transition from the front wall to the right wall. We added more case and single storage racks to the peninsula table to maximize the storage space.

Chicago Builders Basement Wine Cellar Design

Chicago Builders Basement Wine Cellar Design Front Wall

On the right wall (Elevation D), we added a three-row case storage. At the end of this wall is a quarter round wine rack, which displays bottles vertically.

Amazing Lighting That Protects and Displays Wine Beautifully

LED Puck Light and Display Row Lighting Wine Cellar Chicago

LED Puck Light and Display Row Lighting Wine Cellar Chicago

When choosing a lighting system for our client’s wine cellar, we always see to it that it illuminates the room and the wine display beautifully, without compromising safety.

Ordinary light bulbs are not recommend in wine storage facilities because they emit too much light that can ruin wine.

The LED lighting system is widely used in wine cellar construction because of its low heat emission. Using LED lights will not only protect wine from heat damage, but they can save you money in the end because it consumes less energy and has a longer lifespan compared to ordinary bulbs.

In this project, we used an LED puck light and display row lighting, provided with a dimmable switch.

Vine Style Wine Cellar Door with Dual Pane Glass

Wine Cellar Door - with duel pane glass, automatic door bottom and wrought iron grapevine design

Custom Wine Cellar Door with Wrought Iron Grapevine Design Chicago Project

The door is THE VINE style. It features dual pane glass, and an automatic door bottom.

It is a rectangular door with arched glass and grapevine wrought iron at the top and bottom of the window, leaving a clear view into the wine cellar.

The Handleset is a “Quincy” style in oil rubbed bronze and a half round knob on the inside. The door is finished in a cherry stain and lacquer.

Start Your Own Project. Hire a Master Wine Cellar Builder.

If you live in Chicago, Texas, or Florida, we can build a beautiful and functional basement wine cellar in your home. Contact Wine Cellar Specialists today!