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The CellarCool CX Series incorporates advanced cooling technologies and simplistic design, at an economic price. Designed with a unique concept of strategically angled fans and louvers that create Dynamic Airflow, providing efficient and even cooling throughout the cellar. Featuring a Heat Exchange Condensate Manage¬ment System that uses excess condensate on the “hot” side of the unit to act as a coolant, this also evaporates some of the condensate in the process. Equipped with a best-in-class 30°F temperature variance, your wines will stay at 55°F even when the exhaust area reaches 85°F. The systems are designed for simple through-the-wall installation, utilizing mounting brackets to eliminate the need for a support shelf. All CellarCool wine cooling units are tested and calibrated to ensure their reliability, longevity and durability in creating the ideal environment for wine storage and preservation.