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CellarPro Refrigeration Systems for High Quality Wine Cellars in Harsh Environments

CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling Systems made in the USA

CellarPro’s “self-contained” or “through the wall” units began as a way to replace the cabinet model of cooling unit that the company had used in the past.

By upgrading the components, adding new features and improving the performance, they were able to create a better and more reliable unit. The 1800 series was created for cabinets and small wine cellars. Then, the VSi and VSx series was born… for wine cellars of up to 1500 cubic feet. Both the intake and exhaust of the Cellar Pro systems can be ducted up to 50 feet away when combined with the optional ducting kits.

CellarPro Products – Made in the USA

CellarPro cooling units allow users to adjust the level of humidity inside their cellars. By simply changing settings on CellarPro’s control panel, relative humidity can be increased or decreased inside the wine cellar.

All CellarPro cooling units feature precision electronic thermostats and digital displays for viewing temperatures inside wine cellars.

In addition, CellarPro cooling units log high and low temperatures inside the cellar. This information also can be viewed on the digital display.

The through the wall self-contained units can be purchased for exterior use as well, unlike most through the wall systems. When configured with a low ambient kit and an electronically controlled condensing unit, the split systems can be used in up to -20 degrees.

CellarPro cooling units are programmed to provide both audible and visual alarms when temperatures exceed pre-programmed high and low temperatures. In addition, CellarPro cooling units have alarms that indicate when maintenance is required, as well as component and system failures.

CellarPro cooling units are designed to periodically measure the temperature of the evaporator coils and turn off the compressor until the temperature of the coils rise above freezing. This defrost cycle prevents ice from building up on the coils, and is designed to extend the life of the cooling unit.

CellarPro Refrigeration Unit Product Options