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Wine Guardian for High Quality Wine Cellars

Aging wine can be hassle-free if you have the right wine cooling system installed in your Texas wine cellar. The wine refrigeration unit must be manufactured by a professional to ensure that it suits your storage requirements, aesthetic needs, and budget. Wine Cellar Specialists offer the Wine Guardian cooling system to protect wines stored in residential and commercial spaces.    

Wine Guardian® – Innovative Cooling Solutions for Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Installed with a Wine Guardian Cooling System

Serious wine collectors are now becoming wiser when it comes to proper storage of their fine wines. It is for this very reason that the demand for an efficient refrigeration system has been increasing worldwide.

Known as a division of Air Innovations, Wine Guardian is a USA-based company with expertise in manufacturing climate control systems for commercial and residential wine cellars.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we trust the quality and efficiency of the Wine Guardian cooling products. They are made of commercial grade components and equipped with advanced features that provide maximum wine protection and customer satisfaction. All Wine Guardian products are quiet and energy efficient by design.

Flexible Installation Options

Our Wine Guardian cooling units are available in a number of different types of systems. These include Through-the-Wall, Split, and Ducted systems. We can help you choose a refrigeration unit with the capacity that suits the size and location of your wine room, and the number of bottles you intend to store. We also offer the Wine Guardian humidifiers to increase the humidity levels in Texas wine cellars.

Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cooling Units

Wine Guardian ducted cooling systemThis ducted self-contained cooling system can be installed without the help of an HVAC/R expert. With some ductwork, this cooling option can be the perfect solution for those who do not want obtrusive equipment in their wine cellar, and/or don’t have an adjacent room for the condensing unit.

The air-cooled systems are designed for maximum temperature and humidity control, and proper air circulation. The water-cooled systems are recommended for large-scale wine rooms where air venting is a problem.

The ducted climate control systems are ideal for small wine cellars since they do not take up space in your racking. Another advantage of placing the system in an indoor space outside the cellar is quiet operation.

Although you cannot see the unit in your cellar, it has the capacity to regulate the room’s temperature and humidity for proper wine aging.

The Wine Guardian ducted cooling units are available in four models: D025 1/4 Ton, D050 1/2 Ton, D088, 1 Ton, and D200 2 Ton.

Standard features:

  • ¼-ton to 2-ton capacities (400 to 8500 cu ft. or 10 to 250 m3)
  • Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility
  • Removable control panel for easy access
  • Remote user interface control system
  • One supply and one return duct collars
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all aluminum outer body
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork
  • All-aluminum evaporator and condenser coils for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • Completely self-contained design
  • Certified by ETL to UL, Canadian, CE and other international safety standards
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranted to two years (parts) and one year (labor)
  • Factory service hotline support

Ducted Split Wine Cooling System

Wine Guardian split cooling systemOptimal wine cellar conditions can be achieved with the Wine Guardian split wine cooling system. These units are designed to provide maximum performance and proper air distribution in the room.

This type of refrigeration system delivers a quiet and virtually vibration-free operation, offering flexibility in cellar design and location. It is available in four models with various capacities: ¼ ton, ½ ton, 1-ton, and 2-ton.

If heat exhaust ventilation is an issue, the split system is the right cooling option for you. The Wine Guardian split system is available in four models: SS025 1/4 Ton Split System, SS050 1/2 Ton, SS050 1 Ton, and SS200 2Ton.

Standard features:

  • Fan coil unit and condensing system
  • Condensing unit includes: high and low refrigerant pressure switches, low ambient protection, refrigerant sight glass, and filter drier
  • Commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components and all–aluminum frame for long-term durability
  • Remote user interface controller
  • One supply and one return duct collars
  • Multiple capacities for cellars of any size and configuration
  • Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility (for up to 5 outlets)
  • Made in the USA
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork
  • Warranted to two years (parts) and one year (labor)
  • Factory service hotline support


Wine Guardian through the wall cooling systemThrough-the-wall cooling system is built with a sleek design suitable for small to middle size modern wine cellars. It maintains the best storage environment needed for proper wine preservation, while delivering an ultra-quiet operation and maximum airflow.

Wine Guardian through-the-wall systems are available in two models:  TTW009 and TTW018.

Other features include:

  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • The only TTW system that displays both temperature and humidity, and also controls temperature
  • Commercial-grade, corrosion resistant components and an all-aluminum frame for long-term
  • Multiple Configurations  
  • One-piece wall bracket and support frame included

Humidifiers for Texas Wine Cellars

Wine Guardian wine cellar humidifierHumidifiers can be integrated into any wine room to ensure that wine matured properly before it is consumed. The main function of these humidifiers is to increase the humidity levels in a residential or commercial wine cellar.

Available as free-standing or integrated units, the humidifiers are suitable for ducted and ducted split systems. They can also be installed in wine rooms with other brands of refrigeration units.

Wine Guardian humidifiers are available in five models: Integrated Humidifier, Humidifier (w/ WG unit) with Wall-mount-bracket, Humidifier (w/ WG unit) with Through-the-wall mounting bracket, Humidifier (No WG unit) with Wall-mount-bracket, and Humidifier (No WG unit) with Through-the-wall mounting bracket.

Other features:

  • Digital controls that work off of Wine Guardian’s remote indicator. There’s no need for separate controller.
  • Built-in fans for optimal air circulation
  • Commercial grade and lightweight, corrosion-resistant components
  • Evaporative drip pad system with removable, cleanable pad
  • Drip pad access cover for easy maintenance
  • 25 feet (8 meters) of control cable pre-wired to the unit for easy plug in
  • Warranted to two years (parts) and one year (labor)
  • Made in the USA

Choose a Commercial Grade and Sleek Wine Cooling Solution

Wine Cellar Design Request

Wine Cellar Design Request

The perfect environment for Texas wine cellars can be achieved with an efficient refrigeration system. You can rely on Wine Guardian cooling systems.

If you need a wine cooling professional in Chicago, Dallas, or San Antonio area, please contact Wine Cellar Specialists at +1 (866 ) 646-7089.


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