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Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp - a Practical Storage Solution

Install Your Individualized Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp

You can find a wide array of wine cabinets in the market, but what if you don’t find one that best suits your functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements? Don’t you worry! At Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer affordable Vinotemp custom wine cabinets, designed to your specifications. 

A Practical and Beautiful Wine Storage Solution for Private Homes and Commercial Establishments

Custom Glass Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp

Custom Glass Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp

For the wine to mature gracefully, it needs to be stored in a place where the environment is stable. You cannot just store your wine in cardboard boxes or on your kitchen counter.

You can invest in a standard wine cabinet, but it may not fit your space accordingly or may not meet your specific requirements.

You may also opt for a fully built wine cellar, but it will cost you more compared to a custom wine cabinet.

Therefore, for wine enthusiasts who desire a practical and luxurious way to store their collection, Wine Cellar Specialists recommend Vinotemp custom wine cabinets.

Why Choose Our Vinotemp Custom Wine Cabinets

At Wine Cellar Specialists our Vinotemp custom wine cabinets can be customized according to the size and shape of your space. We will create a design that will surely accommodate the number and various sizes of bottles in your collection.

If you have a larger space and are planning to expand your collection, we can build a larger wine cabinet for you.

Attractive, Flexible, and Insulated

Custom White Cabinet

Custom White Cabinet

Our Vinotemp custom wine cabinets are available in numerous styles and colors. They can be installed under the stairs, in walk-in closets, or in any dedicated space in your home.

All of our wine cabinets are insulated to ensure that the perfect storage environment is created for proper maturation of wine.

The doors and windows are equipped with weather stripping and necessary sealing components to create an airtight seal. This will prevent temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels.

Less Expensive, Easy to Install, and Quiet Operation

Custom Sliding Glass Door Custom Wine Cabinet

Custom Sliding Glass Door Custom Wine Cabinet

Our custom wine cabinets are recommended for those who want to spend less and those who are located in an area where it would not be easy to do a full build.

Compared to a fully built wine room, this storage option doesn’t require ripping out the walls and doing an actual build on site.

You simply need a dedicated electrical outlet for each cabinet purchased to power the built-in refrigeration systems.

Grey Metal Shelf Custom Wine Cabinet

Grey Metal Shelf Custom Wine Cabinet

The cabinet comes with the racking, cooling unit, and lighting, so when it arrives, it can be slid into place easily. After you put it in place, you can add the trim.

Our front-vented wine cabinets have a built-in cooling unit inside. The venting comes out through the front, above the door area.

Since the compressor is placed inside the cabinet, you will hear a minimal amount of noise from the intake and exhaust of air. Less noise is produced with the split system in a full build out.

Store and Display Your Collection in a Gorgeous Custom Wine Cabinet

Are you looking for a less expensive option to store and display your wine collection? Opt for our Vinotemp custom wine cabinets!

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