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Custom Wine Cellars

There are no standard rules that apply to all wine cellars. You can customize yours per your individual or personal needs – the budget, the space in which the cellar needs to be accommodated, the number of wine bottles that need to be stored and the general climate in your area.

Any species of wood that holds up well in high humidity and cool temperatures and does not emit any odors, can be used to build custom wine cellars, but redwood and mahogany prove to be the most durable and widely used in these conditions. You can also plan to add a tasting table while drawing up your wine cellar design. This gives you a convenient place to sit your bottles when storing, selecting, or opening and also adds a nice touch to the room. The wine cellar tables can be free standing tables that also store wine bottles beneath a counter. It could also be a peninsula table that comes out from your wall of racking. You can also add some drawers to store wine openers and other accessories. The wood of the wine cellar tasting table can be made of the same material as your wine racking.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we provide you personal guidance and help you create custom wine cellars that blend in the most beautiful way with your home. Visit us at to see how we help you in devising the most exquisite wine storing systems and wine rack kits in your home.

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