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Why Customize Your Wine Cellar System?

When storing wine, there can be adequate options for retaining your reserve besides making the large investment in a custom wine cellar. If you’re storing your wine short-term you can always use a wine refrigerator. If you have a small collection in an apartment or rented home you can purchase a pre-made wine cabinet. Or, if you really have no alternative you could always use off-site wine storage.

But most serious wine collectors dream of building a made-to-order wine cellar in their residence or commercial property, where they get to choose all of the details of the storage space. Custom cellars can range in size from closets, and glass enclosures in the wall, to walk-in wine rooms, and tasting rooms. Once you experience the joy of having a customized cellar, you won’t ever want to go back to adequate.

There are, of course, a number of advantages to building a custom wine cellar with an award winning specialist wine cellar designer and builder.

4 Advantages to Building a Custom Wine Cellar

1. Building a custom cellar gives you many high-quality options for wine cellar cooling systems.

2. You can build a wine storage room that fits the size of your wine collection, as well as the projected size of your future collection.

3. You choose all of the features–Wood type, racking, walls and ceilings, flooring, custom doors, etc.

4. Manage Expenses–When you build custom, you control where your money is spent on the project. If you want a more expensive flooring option, but you care less about the racks you can get the best value for your expenditure.

Whether you’re building a large basement wine cellar with tasting room, or you’re simply looking for some wine racks, working with a custom wine cellar designer is always a smart decision. We can help you find the right choice for your home or commercial property, making sure that your purchase is right.

Custom Options for Your Wine Storage System

Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Not Only is the door you choose for your wine cellar an enormously important aesthetic decision, often becoming a key design element of the wine room or display, but it has enormous importance in protecting your wine.

The door is often the weak point in climate control in a wine cellar. It’s opened and closed regularly. Many doors have a crack along the bottom where air flows in and out, a no-no for custom wine cellars. And many wine collectors like their doors to have glass windows so they can see the interior of their cellar, which can be an insulation problem.

Choosing a wine cellar door requires advice from a custom design expert with extensive knowledge in wine storage standards. A specialist will help you not only find a door that will keep your wine collection safe, but pick a beautiful option as well.

Custom Flooring for Wine Rooms

Not every type of material is suitable for a custom wine cellar. These spaces have very particular humidity and temperatures, making a number of types of floors inappropriate.

Additionally, there are a number of very interesting products on the market that are not only ideal for wine rooms, but they can be unique, good for the environment, and even wine themed, as is the case with reclaimed wine barrel flooring.


Reclaimed wine barrels are also a great option for tabletops in wine cellars.

StoneCoat for Walls and Ceilings

The best material we’ve found for the walls and ceilings of wine cellars is a product called StoneCoat. It’s limestone from France, in crushed form, which is blown onto the surface of the wine room and then carved to fit the desired shape of stone.

It’s great for wine cellars because it doesn’t hold moisture, a terrible situation in a wine storage space. And it’s beautiful!

Wine Room Ladders

Many wine rooms have cabinets and racks that are well above reach, requiring a ladder. We highly recommend a custom ladder, built specially for your space. These can be built in wood or metal. They can have hand rails, a safety tread, and be designed to accommodate multiple walls.

This is a device you’ll be glad you have, becoming your best friend in your favorite room of the house, restaurant, or store.