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Increase Your Luxury Home's Resale Value with a Custom-built Wine Cellar

A Unique Custom Wine Cellar Really Does Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Friends, family, and good times is what makes a luxury house a luxury home (the resale value doesn't hurt either!)

Matt Helm and Nancy Higgins standing in this Dallas- Fort Worth tasting room. See a spectacular rustic tasting room HERE.

Everyone wants their house to become their home. You have a specific spot you set your jacket down; you like to entertain guests in your favorite room; you relax with your wine in the comfort of your own wine cellar. Designing a house that fits your needs is what makes a house valued as a home—it is special.

The feeling of a unique home does not resonate with everyone, which makes many nervous to build custom spaces. When you resell, the buyer needs to see all the custom areas of your home as upgrades they want in their new house. If they don’t, you may not resell for the price you want, and you could end up stuck in your home never able to sell and move on.

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Increase Your Luxury Home’s **Future and Current Value**: Invest in a CUSTOM WINE CELLAR

Check out Helm Realty Group here!

Helm Realty Group works in real estate primarily in the North Texas area. Find Matt’s professional page here.

All realtors know that not all custom spaces are created equal. For example, adding a space in the attic will not increase the value of your home significantly and will not entice buyers through the front door. In order to create a space with a good return, you need to create a distinct charm. So the question arises:

Does a wine cellar have enough character to increase the value of your home?

A custom wine cellar will add to your home’s value because it establishes a compelling space with an emotional appeal for buyers. The buyer’s genuine attachment will generate a high return during resale.

A wine cellar that spurs emotion, is one that will increase a home's value.

The highlights and shadows in this wine cellar instill just enough drama to subtly make the space emotional. Emotion is what sells a home, and makes it more valuable. CLICK to enlarge!

A Custom Wine Cellar Is an Emotional and Passionate Space 

Buyers are drawn to wine cellars because they convey passion. Custom wine cellars are created for a specific purpose: to properly store wine collections. A wine collection, even in its earliest stages, communicates passion. Each collection requires time and consideration to build, which wouldn’t be worth it to the collector if there was no drive or attachment. That is the difference between an attic remodel and a wine cellar: passion.

When you resell your custom home, buyers are looking for a sentimental space because it resonates with them on an emotional level. They will become attached to the wine cellar because of its authentic display of interest. Developing an emotional bond with at least one person is the key to selling your custom home.

A Custom Wine Cellar Draws Potential Buyers to Your Home

Drawing attention to your home will increase your custom home’s resale value. The more people that are enchanted by your abode, the more likely you are to find the right buyer or even have buyers compete. During resale, competition over your home is a great way to increase the price by raising the stakes. But before you think about that, you need to get those people inspired to step through the front door and into your house.

Inviting, yet robust, these doors welcome visitors into the wine cellar.

Amazing, strong, and intricately crafted wine cellar doors can have an impact on resale. This robust door definitely has character and elegance. CLICK here to see more custom doors for wine cellars.

The First Thing Your Realtor Will Mention

A custom wine cellar will be the first thing your realtor will advertise about your home. It will draw more people in for tours than the pool, the media room, and the gym because its intimacy and elegance will stand out. Wine cellars communicate to buyers better than other custom spaces because they are unique

Your wine cellar matches your needs and passions and shows a space where you were able to leave compromise at the door. Buyers expect to see spaces where you confidently succeeded in bringing something personal and new to the home. That space will remain unique so that they can proudly display it as the new homeowner.

People Will Talk about Your Home (in a Good Way!)

The moving character of your custom wine cellar will certainly generate buzz. Wine cellars beg visitors to ask questions about the space:

* How was it constructed?

* How much wine can it hold?

* What types of wine did you have?

Buyers and their realtors will be compelled to ask these questions and talk about the custom wine cellar, not only with each other but also to their friends. These friends will then become intrigued and come to tour the home. The anticipation of finally seeing the space will make the tour powerful and memorable for these potential buyers. This shared emotional experience is what will attract buyers to your home and increase the perceived resale value to the final purchaser.

 Its the details, like this wine cellar, that really add value to a home.

The chandelier is a central piece of this room, making the room appear more luxurious. It’s special details like murals, wine art, StoneCoat, and this chandelier, that really add value to your wine cellar and home.

Buyers Want to Upgrade their Lifestyle

Along with the distinct nature of your custom wine cellar, buyers will view it as an upgrade to their own life. When people decide to move, for whatever reason, they are always looking to upgrade their lifestyle. They want a space that will make them happier and more comfortable than the place they were at before. A custom wine cellar will be appreciated as a luxurious, yet comfortable, sanctuary for enjoying wine and entertaining guests.

A Certain Resale Price Point Requires Custom Wine Storage

Take a look at the wine storage of this Dallas-Fort Worth home!

The room where most of the wine is stored in this Dallas-Fort Worth home is separated from the rest of the wine cellar with beautiful glass and wood doors. A custom space like this really grabs buyers attention when you resell. SEE larger version.

At a certain price point range in every market, a custom wine cellar becomes a necessity in a custom home. When your home starts getting into the million-dollar price range in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, buyers began to look for and expect custom wine storage. In order to draw the buyers of this price range to your home, you will need to sell it as a genuine custom home with finesse. Proper wine storage will be the feature that makes your house a true custom home when it is on the market.

A Home with a Custom Wine Cellar Does Resell at an Increased Value

A custom wine cellar fulfills what every buyer desires emotionally and at that million-dollar price point: passion, comfort, and exclusivity. And when you go to resell your home, you will know every penny and second put into your custom wine cellar was worth it!

Learn more about the company and why you should trust us with your custom wine cellar!

Nancy Higgins, owner of Wine Cellar Specialists, inside this Dallas, Fort Worth custom wine cellar she designed. Check out her bio and learn more.

If you have any questions about adding a custom wine cellar to your home, don’t hesitate to contact Wine Cellar Specialists. We will help you increase the resale value of your home by working with your design space to incorporate the best items for your custom wine cellar. Call us today to get started!

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