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The task of moving a wine collection can seem daunting. Imagine moving from San Francisco, California to San Antonio, Texas with around 1,100 bottles.

You will have to store all of that wine somewhere!

For the Payne family that’s just what happened when they made the move from California to Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas. After having collected wines as a hobby for the past 10 years their collection is quite expansive. Ranging from Napa Cabernets to even a few French wines.

Contacting Wine Cellar Specialists about custom traditional wine cellars was a great choice for the family’s wine storing needs.

Essential Elements for all Custom Traditional Wine Cellars

When adding custom wine cellars to your home it is important to keep in mind that the atmosphere of the room is just right. Now that the family resides in a more humid climate, they will want to make sure that they have the right cooling unit for their wine collection.

For the San Antonio project, a Wine Guardian cooling system was selected to help preserve the wine. When it comes to custom wine cellars, the refrigeration system is there for more than just keeping the room at a set temperature. That is one aspect of the process, but the system will also control the humidity as well.

The Vital Importance of Proper Insulation and Vapor Barriers

In the often hot and humid climate associated with Texas, it is crucial to create the right environment for your wine collection.

Before a cooling unit can be installed in any of the custom wine cellars, they will need to be properly insulated. Well-insulated wine cellars help achieve the correct temperature and climate of the room. This initial step will help the cooling unit work more efficiently.

Are You Looking Into Custom Traditional Wine Cellars for Your San Antonio Home?

If you are having trouble finding a place in your home to store your wine collection, contact Wine Cellar Specialists to our custom designs for wine cellars.

From traditional to contemporary we can customize a beautiful design for any home.