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Food – Friendly Riesling – a Must-Have in Your Wine Cellar

With several types of wine available, pairing wine with food needs careful attention in order to bring out the best in each combination. There are no rules when pairing wines with food, only suggestions. Always keep in mind that the best match is determined by your personal preference. Food can either contradict or complement wines. In your quest to pair wine with food, you must consider several factors for both wine and food.

For some wines, finding the perfect food match can be difficult. However, there are wines which are especially food-friendly, such as Riesling. This wine is often found in the wine cellars of those who want to find ease in choosing the right wine and food pair during dinner parties.


Food-Friendly Riesling

Riesling wines are produced from Riesling grapes, which originate in the Rhine region of Germany. Riesling is characterized by flowery, fruity and fragrant aromas. On the palate, Riesling wines highlight the pear, citrus, apple and peach flavors. They also exhibit mineral flavors, which they tend to get from their native soils.

Any food pairing can be successful if the wine’s intensity, acidity, alcohol and degree of sweetness are taken into consideration. Rieslings are known for their out-going character or versatility when it comes to food pairing. Rieslings are sweet, crisp, light bodied and have balance of sugar and acidity, as well as relatively low alcohol content.

The high acidity in Riesling wines increases saliva production in the mouth, causing you to want to eat more. German Rieslings that have high acidity go well with saucy dishes and fatty foods. This is why they can be paired with an array of foods such as appetizers, pork, poultry and mild fish. Riesling is also prefect for contrasting dishes such as sweet and spicy. Dry Riesling wine matches well with chicken and seafood, while sweet varieties go well with desserts.

In Germany, off-dry Rieslings are slightly sweet (classified as Spatlese or Kabinett). They are best paired with salty foods, spicy dishes and sweeter vegetables like corn, sweet potatoes, turnips and yams. Never match red meat with dry or off-dry Riesling, since its flavors can overpower that of the Riesling.

During light summer months, many of us love to have outdoor activities or have picnics with family and friends. We often grill fish and other seafood, which are best served with Riesling.

Riesling with Grilled Seafood

Grilled Fish and Other Seafood are Best Paired with Riesling

For wine cellar owners, make sure that you include Rieslings in your collection so that you can serve your guests with a wide range of food and grab a versatile wine.

You can also try pairing Riesling with other foods. Remember that your own palate will still be the biggest factor in a successful matching of wine and food. What matters most is that the pairing should enhance your wine drinking experience.

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