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STUNNING WINE CELLAR Built in Former Office Space

Captivating Custom Wine Cellar Transforms Home Office in Frisco, Texas.

Captivating Custom Wine Cellar Transforms Home Office in Frisco, Texas

Some homeowners have difficulty finding the ideal space for their wine cellar project. With the help of an expert, any small area in your home can be transformed into a beautiful wine storage facility. In Frisco, Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists built a functional custom cellar in a former office space.

Stunning Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Top Notch Builder in Frisco, Texas 

It is wrong to think that building a wine cellar requires a large room. Nowadays, wine rooms can be built in almost any area in your home. Regardless of size, shape, and location, an experienced builder will be able to create an awe-inspiring design for your wine room.  

Recently, Wine Cellar Specialists was contacted by a client who wants to transform a home office into a beautiful wine cellar in Frisco, Texas.

Building a wine room in a small space can be very challenging. However, it did not stop Wine Cellar Specialists from creating a stunning design for the wine room. We always use our passion, creativity, and experience in designing wine cellars.  

This project was part of a home remodel. The homeowner wanted to turn an old office space into a refrigerated wine cellar. The room was an old office with a built-in desk and cabinets. It also had a window that opened to the outside. The door used to be a hidden bookcase that goes into the room. 

This old office space was transformed by Wine Cellar Specialists into a captivating home wine room.

This old office space was transformed by Wine Cellar Specialists into a captivating home wine room.

The client wanted to achieve maximum bottle storage capacity despite the small space. He also wanted his wine cellar to have impressive features.  

Functional and Fabulous Wine Rack Design for a Tiny Space 

After making a careful assessment of the client’s needs and requirements, we started creating CAD drawings. These images showed the different elevations (marked with letters A, B, C, and D), dimensions of the wine racks, and the bottle capacities.  

All of the wine racks were manufactured from Sapele Mahogany, with standard crown and base moldings.  

Elevation A  

Left Wall Lattice Horizontal Wooden Racking Office Wine Cellar Texas

Left Wall Lattice Horizontal Wooden Racking Office Wine Cellar Texas

Elevation A, which is the left wall, has a door located at the far left side of the room, leaving a very little amount of space for the racking.

We installed a 6” deep label forward horizontal wine rack, which fitted well on this side. This style of racking displays the bottles with the label facing out, giving the owner convenience in looking for a specific type of wine.  

The top section was designed to house 750ml bottles. In the lower section, we provided bottle openings that could fit large format bottles like magnums and champagne.  

Elevation B 

The back wall is labeled Elevation B. At the top section, we installed single deep individual wooden wine racks with slots for standard bottles. Below them are lattice X bins with a tabletop.

Left Horizontal Racks and Back Wall

Left Horizontal Racks and Back Wall

The lattice X bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk. These storage racks also provide better wine management because it allows the owner to store his wines according to style or variety. By adding a tabletop, the owner can have a convenient place for decanting and serving wine.   

We also included a high reveal display row that lines the back wall and right wall. We installed a light valance above the display row. This is where we attached the LED lights.  

The high reveal display row is an excellent racking feature that allows the owner to highlight some of his precious wines. It also stores the bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist.

Elevation C 

True Radius Corner Wine Rack

True Radius Corner Wine Rack

Elevation C is a true-radius curved corner wine rack, which we installed only at the top section where the single deep wine racks are located. It sits above the double deep wine racks at the lower section. It also includes a high revel display row.  

Elevation D  

Right Upper Section with Wooden Grill Cover to Hide the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Right Upper Section Racks with Grill Cover to Hide the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Made from Sapele Mahogany

The right wall is Elevation D. The top section of the racking consists of more single deep individual wine racks for standard bottles. There is a high reveal display row with a light valance at the middle section. At the bottom section, we installed a double deep tabletop, three double deep lattice X bins, and three double deep rolling case storage racks.   

We placed the RM 3600 split wine cooling unit evaporator at the top most of the right wall. We concealed the equipment in a grill cover and box. To make it look like it was part of the racking, we used the wood, which was used for the wine racks. We placed the compressor outside the back wall.  

Sapele Mahogany 

Barolo Glass Door in Mahogany with Wheat Stain and Lacquer

Barolo Glass Door in Mahogany with Wheat Stain and Lacquer

Sapele Mahogany is a great material for wine racks. This wood exhibits a fairly dark reddish or purplish brown color. It has a fine texture with interlocked grain. It is known for its durability. It is also highly resistant to rot and humid conditions in climate-controlled wine cellars. 

The Beautiful Entrance Door to the Office Wine Cellar in Frisco, Texas 

The door is another important component in wine room construction, which affects the functionality and overall appeal of the cellar. We make sure that every door we install is properly insulated and enhances the beauty of our client’s wine cellar.  

On this project, we used the Barolo Style glass door. It was constructed using LVL technology to make it less prone to warping. We also equipped it with an automatic door bottom, Q-Ion weather stripping, and commercial grade ball bearing hinges.

We used thermally insulated glass panels. For the wooden frame, we used African Mahogany. We applied stain and lacquer on the wood for a lustrous finish. 

The Vantage style handle set and lock, which are in polished chrome, added a modern touch to the door. We used our 612 casing for the exterior molding of the door.  

Seek a Wine Cellar Expert for Your Next Renovation Project 

If you are planning to start your home wine cellar project and want to make sure that it is built properly, beautifully, and according to your specific requirements, it is best to work with an expert. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we always do our best to exceed our client’s expectations. This office wine cellar in Frisco, Texas, is another award-winning project we are proud of. Contact us today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089.