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STUNNING WINE CELLAR Under a Curved Staircase

Frisco, Texas Wine Cellar Beautifully Built Under Elegant Curved Staircase

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Custom Barolo wine cellar glass door in mahogany with wheat stain & lacquer.

Wine Cellar Specialists was asked to create a wine cellar under this floating staircase.

The main challenges of building a wine cellar under a curved staircase are the irregular shape of the room and limited space. This requires a professionally designed wine rack system to achieve the desired results the client is looking for, despite the challenges. Wine Cellar Specialists recently completed this installation project in Frisco, Texas. They were able to achieve an excellent wine cellar design, adding functionality to the space. Learn more about the features of this wine room. 

Elegant Features of a Custom Wine Cellar Under the Staircase

The space under the stairs should not be overlooked when planning for a wine room conversion project. You don’t need a huge room to have your dream wine cellar at home.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, regardless of size and shape, we convert almost any room into a safe and gorgeous wine storage facility.

Wood wine racks offer Individual wine bottle storage to Frisco, Texas homeowners in their under-the-staircase wine room.

In Frisco, an affluent city in Denton and Collin counties in Texas, a client asked us to design and install a custom wine cellar under a floating staircase. They wanted to have a stunning display of their wine collection in a climate-controlled room.

We created a 3-dimensional design, which shows the different plan views and elevations. We wanted the area to match the curve of the staircase. This gave us a width of approximately 45 inches to work with. We left about 7 inches on the left side of the door to allow for the horizontal racking. After the approval of the client, we proceeded to the construction phase.

We framed in the front area and the end, to make a place for the iron door, and iron framed windows, allowing the clients to view their collection from outside the cellar. After the installation of the exterior dry wall, we then added the electrical and drain line for the wine cooling system.

Wood Wine Racking System

We always want to amaze our clients with the design that we create for their wine storage space. The racking style and material are important factors that affect the overall appearance and mood that the owner wants in his or her wine room.

When you enter the door, the left wall starts with two rows of horizontal racking, which are six inches deep. These wine storage racks can accommodate 750 ml bottles in a label forward orientation.

Wood wine racks offer Individual wine bottle storage to Frisco, Texas homeowners in their under-the-staircase wine room.

Next is a mini quarter round to allow for a smooth transition to the 13.5-inch-deep, true radius curved individual wine racks.

We added a high reveal display row to the true radius curved individual bottle racks to highlight some of our client’s fine wines.

The top of the racking consists of individual waterfall wine racks that descend according to the height of the ceiling.

The end racking includes horizontal display bottles at the top and rolling case storage at the bottom. The case storage bins are one case and two cases deep to fit into the slant of the ceiling. They have roll out shelves to access the cases easily.

Lighted high reveal display row in Frisco, Texas (under-the-staircase) custom wine cellar.

The wine racks were constructed from Knotty Alder. With attractive knots and clusters, this wood species creates a rustic feel to this residential wine cellar built by Wine Cellar Specialists in Frisco, Texas.

Moreover, Knotty Alder wine racks are durable and highly resistant to rot. We finished the racking with Chestnut stain and lacquer.

Wine Cooling System and Custom Wine Cellar Door

For the refrigeration system, we used the RM3600 ductless split wine cooling system, manufactured by US Cellar Systems.

The evaporator is hidden in a wooden grill cover above the door. The slant ceiling causes the air from the refrigeration unit to blow down into the wine cellar.
The entryway to the wine cellar under the staircase is very elegant. It is a  wrought iron door with an intricate design.

The door design and coloring matches the existing staircase railings. The iron-framed windows add a classic appeal to the wine room.

Frisco, Texas Wine Cellar Stonecoat Walls and Ceiling

We added closed cell foam to the interior walls and ceiling to create an airtight seal in the room. We used Stonecoat on the ceiling of this home wine cellar, the underside of the adjacent staircase landing, the ceiling of the bar area, and the front of the counter in the kitchen

This is a product created from crushed limestone from France. It is blown on, then hand carved and colored to the stone design of the customer’s choice. The texture and color of the cellar walls matches the exterior walls near the room.

Convert a Room Into a Stunning Wine Room

If you have a room that you want to transform into an elegant wine cellar in Frisco, Texas, contact Wine Cellar Specialists at +1 (866) 646-7089. We also design and install wine storage systems in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago.