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Add LUXURY to your home with a wine tasting room!

Home Office in Flower Mound, Texas Transformed Into Dazzling Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

See our amazing residential wine cellar and custom designed tasting room that we’ve built here in Flower Mound, Texas, a town near Dallas. It features a beautiful bar area constructed with Knotty Alder with “Chappo” stain and lacquer. Traditional designed home wine rooms like this are Wine Cellar Specialists’ expertise, having built many like this through-out Texas and Chicago.

Wine Cellar and TASTING ROOM in Flower Mound, Texas

A Stellar Wine Room Design for a Residential Space

view from outside Flower Mound Texas wine cellar

Texas Custom Wine Cellar Designed and Installed by Wine Cellar Specialists

A wine lover in Flower Mound, Texas chose Wine Cellar Specialists to design and build a wine cellar and a tasting room in an office space. We made a careful assessment of our client’s needs and requirements before creating the 3-dimensional wine cellar drawings.

We took into consideration the shape and location of the room and the number of bottles intended to be stored. We also made sure that the design met the client’s style and budget.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we always make sure that every wine cellar we build provides not only a safe storage place, but also a beautiful addition to one’s home.

In this installation project, we used a cooling unit from one of our trusted manufacturers, and combined different racking configurations to create a stunning display of our client’s wine collection.  The wine racks include solid diamond bins and X bins, as well as rolling case storage on the bottom section.

The Wine Cellar Design Created for an Office Space

The overhead view shows that elevations A, B, and C are in the wine cellar. Elevation A is assigned to the side walls. On the sidewalls, you will see some solid diamond bins at the bottom sections. Above the diamond bins is a high reveal display row that runs the length of the whole racking. We installed a light valance for the led lighting above the display row.

Flower Mound, Texas Design overhead view

Overhead View Wine Cellar Flower Mound, Texas Project

The top sections of the left and right walls consist of the individual storage slots. We also added a 4-inch solid wood piece to mount the ladder rail.

Winner of the 2015 ARC Award from the Dallas Builders Association, the local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Elevation B consists of the curved corner wine rack on each end of the back wall. It also has a high reveal display row, with light valance. Our curved corner racks have true radius to achieve a smooth transition from one wall to another.

Elevation C is the back wall of the Flower Mound, Texas home wine cellar. The bottom section consists of rolling case storage, which allows easy access to the back cases. Above the case storage are double deep X bins. The center of the back wall racking is a solid arch, with a puck light above. We included horizontal wine racks above the arch, which are intended for magnum size bottles.

There is a high level display row, with valance lights, on both sides of the solid arch. We added more single-deep individual storage slots at the upper section of the back wall racking.

Quality and Lovely Wine Racks

When designing our client’s wine rack system, we always see to it that we use appealing and quality materials.

Racking Made from a Beautiful and Sturdy Wood

Redwood curved corner display wine rack

High-Reveal Display Row

Wood has been a favorite material of wine cellar builders. Wine racks constructed from this material can blend well with any décor.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, wooden wine racks can enhance the beauty of your living space. With many varieties of wood available, it is best to talk to an expert about the right material for your racking.

diiamond X-bin storage and case storage wine racks Texas wine cellar

Gorgeous Redwood Wine Racks

The racks in the wine cellar are in unfinished All Heart Redwood. Known as the finest grade of its kind, All Heart Redwood is less prone to shrinkage. Its stability makes it one of the most sought-after materials among homeowners.

All Heart Redwood has natural wood preservatives that provide wine racks a longer lifespan. It is highly resistant to molds, mildew, and insects, making it an ideal storage solution for long-term storage. Unlike other wood varieties, Redwood doesn’t need stain to become durable.

Since redwood grows in both cool and humid environments, wine racks built from this material have the ability to withstand the conditions in wine cellars. The natural reddish color of redwood wine racks adds sophistication to the room. Expect a richer color as the wood ages.

Rolling Ladder

bent ladder wine cellar design Flower Mound Texas

Bend Library Ladder

The rolling ladder is also made from Alder, with “Chappo” stain and clear coat. The ladder rails and hardware are in a chocolate brown powder coat. They used the Starburst wheels on the ladder.

The ladder is a “bent” style to allow it to bend over the double deep lower section. The walls were textured and painted with Sherwin Williams “Arresting Auburn” color in a semi-gloss latex paint.

Eco-Friendly Tabletop

The right kind of tabletop can add character to home wine cellars. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we can customize your tabletop based on your own style preferences.

With an aim to create unique wine rooms while protecting our environment, Wine Cellar Specialists recommends adding eco-friendly features in your wine cellar. In this Flower Mound, Texas project, we added a gorgeous tabletop that runs the length of the back wall.

It is made from the inside portions of reclaimed wine barrels, called the wine infusion style tabletop. The deep reddish color of the wine barrel planks is the stain from the wine that was stored in the barrel.

Wine Tasting Room and Home Bar

wine tasting room and home bar Flower Mound Texas

Home Bar Flower Mound, Texas Wine Cellar Installation

Many wine collectors dream of having, not only a storage place for their collection, but also a tasting room and/or a bar area in their home. In this project, we added an adjoining wine tasting room where the client can enjoy drinking wine with their guests.

Walls and Ceiling with Stonecoat Design

view from the wine tasting room with Stonecoat walls and ceiling

Stonecoat Design for the Walls and Ceiling

The walls and ceiling in the tasting or bar area, are made of Stonecoat material, which is a productmade from crushed limestone from France, blown on to the surface. Once applied, it is hand carved and colored.

The stone design at the bottom section was made to be rough and uncut. The top section shows a more cut-stone effect, with some old brick showing through. At the center of the ceiling is a 30”diameter Nico style chandelier.

The home bar is a Knotty Alder with Chapel’s stain and lacquer. It includes open shelves on the left and right, with glass racks. The center section has a glass front door, and a lighted cabinet. The bottom section includes two cabinets on each side, with adjustable shelves inside. At the bottom center is a Uline brand 3036 model built in refrigerator, with two drawers on top of it. The tabletop is made from Infusion style reclaimed wine barrel wood.

We added four more solid door cabinets on the topmost section. All the knobs and handles are supplied by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Elegant Entrance to the Flower Mound Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

custom wrought iron gate entrance to the wine tasting room

Tthe Entrance to the Wine Tasting Room with Ornate Wrought Iron Grills

The entryway to your wine cellar is the first thing that your guests will see. A beautiful wine room deserves an elegant door.

In this project, the cellar door is a 36 x 96-inch door, with a same size window on each side. We added a sidelight on each side of the door.

The stunning door is in Knotty Alder with “Chappo” stain and lacquer. It includes duel pane glass, an automatic door bottom, and full weather stripping.

The entrance to the wine tasting room is made of ornate wrought iron grills. It has oil rubbed bronze finish and a grapevine design and latch. The double iron gate was made with an eyebrow arch to match the other archways in the same area of the home.

The case molding is a 3 ¼” style. The handle set and lock is from our hardware catalog, and is the Victorian style in oil rubbed bronze. We added the same Stonecoat design and brick look above the door to achieve a finished effect.

Above the door you see more of the stone and brick look which we added to all the walls and ceiling of the tasting room.

Other Features of the Wine Cellar and Home Bar

Cooperage wine cellar flooring by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

Cooperage Wine Barrel Flooring

The custom wine cellar and the tasting room both have flooring made from the tops and bottoms of reclaimed wine barrels. This style is called Cooperage flooring, which displays unique stamps that are from the barrel markings.

We used the RM3600 twin evaporator system to cool the cellar. A wooden grill cover is mounted on the ceiling of the wine cellar to hide the unit. It is made for easy access to the units for maintenance.

Considering Your Own Home Wine Room Project? We Can Help You.

Wine Cellar Specialists has completed many room conversion projects in Texas and Chicago. If you want to have a wine cellar with a tasting room like our recent project in Flower Mound, Texas, call us today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089.