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Commercial Wine Preservation and Dispensing Systems  

Pour Wine Easily With Napa Technology’s Wine Preservation & Dispensing System

Eliminate wine waste with an accurate pour, and enjoy serving fresh wines with Napa Technology’s wine preservation and dispensing system. Offered by Wine Cellar Specialists, this innovative storage solution is ideal for home wine enthusiasts and owners of commercial establishments.

The Perfect Wine Preservation and Dispensing System for Residential and Commercial Environments

Napa Technology WineStation – an Innovative Wine Dispensing System and North America’s #1 brand of Intelligent Wine Dispensing Systems made in the USA.

An Intelligent Wine Dispensing System by Napa Technology

An Intelligent Wine Dispensing System by Napa Technology

Napa Technology is the worldwide provider of the most effective and intelligent wine preservation and dispensing systems found in the marketplace today.

Since 2005, Napa Technology has revolutionized the serving of wines by the glass in residential and commercial environments. Today they are the recognized leader of Intelligent Wine Preservation and Dispensing Technology in North America.

Napa Technology’s breakthrough product the WineStation is the preferred brand of choice for many leading retailers, restaurants, hotels, and over 1,000 other outlets worldwide.

The WineStation is an intelligent wine preservation and dispensing solution which drives revenues for commercial clients and provides optimum 60-day preservation and freshness for home wine collectors.

With WineStation, you can have peace of mind that your open bottles of wine  are safe! They are being stored in the right temperature,  preserving  their complex tastes and aromas. You don’t have to worry about wasting an unfinished bottle of wine.

Residential  WineStation

Dispensing a glass of wine from the Wine Station by Napa Technology

Home WineStation is a Restaurant Grade Appliance, Perfect for the Home Wine Connoisseur.

The WineStation Pristine PLUS  is an exquisite wine serving solution that lets you enjoy the freshest wine, each and every time.

This sophisticated, professional quality, temperature-controlled system is perfect for keeping your premium wines in pristine condition allowing you to enjoy the freshest wine any time you choose. The WineStation affords wine connoisseurs the liberty to uncork, explore, and enjoy their wine collections with zero risk or loss.

It is a perfect luxury addition to your entertainment area, kitchen, bedroom, game room, garage, or residential wine cellar.

Learn more about the  Napa Technology WineStation for residential applications.

Commercial  WineStation

Craft & Vine, a popular bar and eatery in Augusta, Georgia uses WineStation for serving their customers.

Craft & Vine, a popular bar and eatery in Augusta, Georgia uses a WineStation Professional model for behind the bar staff service.

The WineStation is an elegantly designed, automated dispensing system that accurately dispenses fine wines “by the ounce” while offering 60-day preservation and temperature control.

The WineStation can be enhanced by adding the AccuServe Software package which provides staff sales tracking information as well as enables customer self-serve functionality.

The WineStation drives revenues and maximizes the profitability of every bottle for wine bars, hotels, restaurants, retailers, airports, convention centers, and theaters of any size.

Learn more about the  Napa Technology  WineStation for commercial applications.

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