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Master Wine Cellar Builders – Designing and Building Your Dream Wine Cellar

Building a Wine Cellar

Building a Wine Cellar - Wine Cellar SPecialists' Projects

                 Building a Wine Cellar – Wine Cellar SPecialists’ Projects

Designing and building a wine cellar is a meticulous process; one that requires collaboration between master wine cellar builders and their clients.  This collaborative effort ensures that the internal structure of the custom wine room not only maintains a secure and conducive environment for storing and aging wines, but also accurately conveys the client’s artistic taste and unique character.

Master wine cellar builders are experts in building a wine cellar for the home, as well as in commercial and hospitality sectors.  They work with their clients throughout every phase of the wine cellar project, from the initial design stage to actual installation.  They also provide their clients with a free 3D design package, along with a complete quote.

Build Your Own Wine Cellar

3D Drawings for Wine Cellar Projects

                                              3D Drawings for Wine Cellar Projects

A 3D drawing comes in handy when you build your own wine cellar, because it allows you to preview the project and make design revisions before construction takes place.

Professional wine cellar designers and builders are committed to building a wine cellar space that is both functional and aesthetical pleasing.  Let’s take a look at some of their recently completed climate controlled custom residential wine cellar projects.

Seattle Washington Project

This elegant 1,367 bottle capacity custom wine cellar in Seattle, Washington, is designed with a French rustic appearance and elaborate hand carved detailing on the doors, panels, and molding.  The wine room features a sitting area (which serves as an entertainment hub and wine tasting room) that is completely separate from the refrigerated wine storage space.

Seattle Washington Wine Cellar Project - A Stunning View

                                    Seattle Washington Wine Cellar Project – A Stunning View

Custom wine rack styles include: single bottle storage racks that fit most standard size wine bottles, label forward displays that facilitate horizontal placement of wine bottles and provide clear visibility of wine labels, and X-bin racking for bulk storage.  To allow for the seamless, wall to wall transition of wine storage racks, curved racking was installed around the corners.

As seen when you come through the wine cellar door, the back includes a beautiful lighted mural arch tabletop, flanked by glass cabinet doors with a cathedral design.  To enhance the visual appeal of the racking wall, master wine cellar builders added two vertical window display shelves that feature leaf designed columns with detailed crown molding.

Below the tabletop counter are 27’ double deep cabinets, with handcrafted grape vine designs that provide a customized appearance of the racking display.  All of the wine racking was constructed in Mahogany wood.  Specialized LED-based spot lighting was used as the main light source.  This lighting system helps accentuate the intricate hand carved design of this beautiful wine room.

Naperville Chicago Illinois Project

For this custom wine cellar Naperville Illinois project, a small closet was converted into a climate controlled wine room that has a total storage capacity of 497 wine bottles.  To maximize the storage space, a combination of single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row was installed.  Display racks with high reveal are ideal for showcasing your favorite wine collectibles.

This residential wine room has glass windows and door that show off the unfinished Premium redwood wine racks.  Waterfall wine racks were installed on both sides of the storage space, for a tasteful display of wine bottles through large front windows.  The back wall features a tabletop with a glass rack, made from the same wood variety as the wine racking.

Naperville Custom Wine Cellar Project

                                   Naperville Custom Wine Cellar Project

There are crucial things to consider when deciding to build your own wine cellar, such as the location and size of your wine storage space, the number of wine bottles you intend to collect, amount of insulation, the number of wine cellar furniture, and budget.

Your wine cellar space must provide the best possible environment for your wine collectibles.  Hence, it is always recommended that you consult with professional wine cellar designers and builders when you finally decide to build your own wine cellar.  This will ensure that your custom wine room has an environment that is not only ideal for aging, but also for hosting tasting parties.

Visit Wine Cellar Spec to see more wine cellar projects they have completed.

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