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Upscale Wine Cabinets with Sliding Metal Racks by Degré 12

Wine Cabinet METAL RACKS — *The Sliding Series* by Degré 12

metal wine storage system Sliding Series Racks

Metal Wine Storage System Sliding Series Racks

Are you looking for a contemporary and cost-effective way to display and store your wine collection? Our Degré 12 Sliding Series metal racks for wine cabinets will suit your needs. Check out the features of this innovative racking solution.

Contemporary Metal Racking Solution for Wine Cabinets

You may want to invest in a full-size wine cellar to keep your collection safe and display it beautifully. However, this may not be possible if you don’t have the right budget and space needed for the project.

A high-end wine cabinet can be a great alternative storage solution to a wine cellar. Why go for a traditional wine cabinet when you have the option to incorporate a modern storage area for your favorite vintages?

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we use metal wine racks to build unique and sophisticated wine cabinets.

Splendid Wine Cabinet Display with the Sliding Series by Degré 12

The Sliding Series Degré 12 is our new line of metal racking designed for refrigerated wine cabinets. Suitable for limited spaces, it can be installed in your garage, basement, closet, or in any tiny nook of your home, retail store, or restaurant. The sleekness of these metal wine racks makes them a great option to achieve an eye-catching display area.

Features of the Sliding Series Metal Wine Racks

Angled storage on top, flat storage in center above case storage

Angled Storage on Top, Flat Storage in Center Above Case Storage

When choosing a wine rack system for your collection, it is important to consider its visual appeal and functional features. Our Degré 12 Sliding Series metal racks are made from high-quality materials.

They can be customized so that they can fit the shape and size of the space, the number of bottles to be stored, and the client’s aesthetic needs.

Wine Rack Components – Height, Width, and Depth of the Racking, Door, and Racking Frame

Wine storage spaces differ in size and shape. Our Sliding Series wine racks can have a height of 63 inches to 98.5 inches, to cater to our client’s various needs. You may opt for a single deep (17.65” from the front edge to back edge) or double deep (29.14” from the front edge to back edge).

The outside width of the racks is 46.5”. The outside width of the sliding trays, inside the rack, is 43.31”. The door to any cabinet must be at least 44” wide so the trays can slide out. The width of the rack frame is 1 3/8”.

Sliding Trays

view looking down Sliding Series metal wine racks

View Looking Down Sliding Series Metal Wine Racks

The trays offer versatility, allowing for the storage of standard 750ml bottle, single and double magnums, and original wooden case (OWC) of any size. For our 3-tray sliding metal racks, the wines are stored with the bottom of the bottle facing out.

You may choose a tray that stores the bottles flat, displays the bottles at a slight angle, or a tray for wood cases.

The second option, which reveals the wine labels, makes it an ideal choice for restaurants, hotels, or retail stores because it allows for easy browsing. You can combine various bottle orientations for a more functional and organized wine cabinet.

The trays are designed to glide easily for easy access to wines. The hardware, used in the trays, includes self-braking stops and self-closing features. The slides can hold over 150 pounds of bottles.

Invest in a High-End Wine Cabinet. Work with a Master Builder.

Display and store your collection in a modern wine cabinet. Contact Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!