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STACT Modular Metal Wine Racks

Turn Your Wine Collection into Wall Art with Modular Metal Wine Racks from Stact

Custom Wine Display Stact Metal Racking

Custom Wine Display Stact Metal Racking

If you have a boring wall in your home, installing an elegant wine rack can bring it to life. If you’re an owner of a restaurant, hotel or store, displaying your wine products on walls can attract potential customers and increase your sales. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer STACT metal modular wine racks to help you transform your wine collection into wall art.

Modern and Sexy Way to Showcase Your Wine Collection

Traditionally, wines are displayed and stored in wooden wine racks. Choosing the modern way to show off your collection offers many benefits, for both owners of residential and commercial establishments. You must determine the type of wine rack that suits your functional and aesthetic needs.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we highly recommend the STACT modular metal wine rack system, which is designed for wall installation. There’s nothing more beautiful than to see your favorite vintages highlighted on your walls.

Stact Metal Modular Wine Racks

STACT Metal Modular Wine Racks are Ideal for Small Spaces

STACT wine racks are modular storage units that are commonly found in high-end restaurants and luxury wine cellars. They can be mixed and matched to create wine displays that can enhance any living space.

You don’t have to worry about space constraints. Having a tiny house, apartment, restaurant, or store, should not stop you from creating a unique storage area for your wine collection.

Since the STACT wine racks are wall mounted, they save floor space, which makes them a perfect wine storage solution for areas with limited space.

Another advantage of STACT wine racks is their versatility. This type of racking system allows for easy expansion. If you have a few bottles in your collection and are planning to add more in the future, you can increase the bottle capacity of your racking conveniently.

Three Components of STACT Modular Metal Wine Racks

Modern Metal Wine Racks by Stact

Modern Metal Wine Racks by Stact

STACT wall-mounted metal racks support each bottle with aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized supports. Each kit can be arranged side by side to hold 9 bottles.

Another component of the STACT wine racking is the panel. Our panels are manufactured from premium furniture-grade wood veneer and applied with piano lacquer. Each panel is 28.8 cm high (11.33858”) X 36.5 cm wide (14.37008”) X 18.8 cm deep (7.401575”).

You can choose from our ten sophisticated finishes including gray oak, white oak, zebra wood, walnut, electric orange, pure white, blackout, citrus green, and gunmetal gray. You may combine two or more of these panels to create a dramatic effect in your space.


For STACT Installation Instructions CLICK HERE.

Crafted to exact specifications, each panel is equipped with anchors that help secure mounting to the wall brackets. The wall brackets act as the backbone of the STACT wine rack system. They connect each panel to each other and help create a secure attachment to the wall. You can simply slip the panels into position without using any tool. Our wall brackets are easy to install and offer superior stability.

Installation can be fun and convenient because the instructions are easy to follow. For complete instruction on the installation of STACT download PDF to the right:

Showcase Your Wine Collection in a High-End Racking

Stact Metal Racks for Commercial Wine Cellars

Stact Metal Racks for Commercial Wine Cellars

Would you love to see your wine collection displayed on your boring walls? Opt for STACT modular metal wine racks. Regardless of the size of your room, Wine Cellar Specialists can help you create a sleek and awe-inspiring display of your wines in a creative way. Call us now at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!