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Modern Ultra PEG Series Metal Wine Racks

Satisfy Your Modern Needs with Ultra PEG Series Metal Wine Racks

The unique configuration of the Ultra Peg series allows for increased bottle capacity over traditional wood racks.

Modern Ultra Peg Series Metal Wine Racks

With various racking styles available, choosing the best storage option for your wine collection can be a daunting task.

Nowadays, modern and elegant wine rack systems are in demand among residential dwellers and commercial store owners. Wine Cellar Specialists can create a unique wine storage display using their Ultra Peg Series metal wine racks. 

Achieving Sleek Cellar Design with Ultra PEG Series Metal Wine Racks

The look and ambiance of your wine cellar is mainly influenced by the style of racking installed in it. Minimalist design is in demand in both residential and commercial wine cellars.

This can be achieved by using metal wine racks with cutting-edge design. There are various types of metal racking systems; thus it is wise to consult an expert who can assist you with your storage needs.

Wine Cellar Specialists offers the Ultra Peg Series wine racks to address both the aesthetic and space requirements of their clients. This storage system has many features, making it a favorite choice of wine cellar owners.

Benefits of the Ultra PEG System

Ultra PEG Series Contemporary Metal Wine Racks

Contemporary Wine Display with Ultra PEG Series Racking System

The saying “less is more” is a philosophy of wine connoisseurs who have an eye for sleek and stylish designs.

Other than their visual appeal, the Ultra PEG Series wine racks are also versatile, space-savvy, and durable. They can be used to transform a boring room into an impressive wine cellar.

With these metal wine racks, residential owners can have an elegant area for entertaining their guests. For owners of restaurants, wine stores, and hotels, they can easily attract potential customers by displaying their wines in Ultra PEG metal racks.

This storage system follows the basic board and peg concept. The stainless steel rods are attached to the backboard in rows. The pegs cradle the bottles with the necks facing out.

Versatility and Flexibility– Allows for Expansion of Storage Capacity and Custom Finish Options

The Ultra Peg series hold the bottles with the neck out. At capacity, a Ultra Peg designed wine cellar gives the illusion that the bottles are actually floating.

Two Pegs Can Hold One Bottle with the Neck Out

For wine connoisseurs who are planning to expand their collection in the future, the Ultra PEG wine storage system is recommended. It consists of stainless steel peg structures, which can be expanded to accommodate additional bottles.

With the traditional wine racking, you cannot just add new bottle openings if you want to store more bottles. You need to buy a new wine rack or let the manufacturer modify the whole racking. This can result in a significant expense.

If you have an existing PEG wine rack system, there’s no need to modify or replace the whole racking to increase the bottle capacity. To expand your existing Ultra PEG racking, you just have to add two pegs to support each bottle. The pegs are easy to assemble, so you will not need to hire a professional when adding storage to your wine rack.

Metal wine racks can easily fit into the corners of a room. If you are to store your bottles in a space under your stairs, walk-in closets, and other tiny areas, the PEG system is the ideal solution.

The PEG Wine Racks Can Be Mounted on Your Empty Walls

Spaced precisely to accommodate even the larger sized bottles of today, these smooth pegs protect your labels, and cradle your bottles securely.

The Pegs are Spaced Precisely to Accommodate Even the Larger Bottles

Do you have a boring wall that you want to bring to life? Why not display your precious wines in our pre-made panels or custom backer boards?

We offer this option to provide our clients a convenient way to mount a certain number of their bottles on the wall of their kitchen, living room, or entertainment area. With various backsplash options to choose, you can complement the existing décor in your home or establishment.

Both the acrylic and wooden backing are ideal for a minimalist space. Our wooden backsplashes are available in Red Oak, Maple, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Alder.

The nuts, which are installed with the pegs on the backer boards, can be recessed when the owner chooses to flush mount the metal wine rack. Wood panels are available in Stained Wood, Laminate, Natural Wood, Acrylic, and Alumasteel. Stain and finish options are also available.

Learn more about the different panel options for the Ultra PEG metal wine rack.

Beautiful Finish Options and Quality Materials

The CNC-machined pegs can be purchased in Brushed Aluminum, Aluminum Black, Acrylic, and Metal Chrome finish. Although the pegs are constructed with smooth surfaces, you may opt for rubber rings to protect the bottles from scratches and the labels from tearing.

The pegs are made from stainless steel, which can withstand the humid conditions that exist in wine cellars.

A Sleek Wine Rack System Can Be Yours

When choosing a storage system for your wine collection, opt for cutting-edge design wine racks. Wine Cellar Specialists offers the Ultra PEG Series wine racks to meet your modern needs.

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