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Stylish Wine Display with Ultra PEG XL Metal Racks

Ultra PEG XL Series Metal Wine Racks – Display Your Collection Securely with Style

Many factors must be considered when choosing the most suitable wine rack system for your collection. Whether you need modern racking for residential or commercial application, we recommend the Ultra PEG XL Series metal wine racks. This storage solution creates high-end wine displays while storing your collection securely in durable pegs.     

Ultra PEG XL Series Metal Racking Can Transform Any Space into a Streamlined Wine Cellar

Ultra PEG XL Metal Wine Rack Wine Display

Ultra PEG XL Wine Rack Wine Display

Metal wine racks have been a favorite storage option in residential and commercial wine cellars because of their sleek appeal. They blend well with any décor in your home and your guests will be envious of your wine display.

They also create high-end wine displays in hotels, restaurants, and wine stores. An impressive display of wine can catch the attention of potential customers, resulting in high profits. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer the Ultra PEG XL Series metal wine racks, in addition to our Ultra PEG and Ultra PEG HZ Series.

The Advantages of Ultra PEG XL Metal Wine Racks

The PEG wine rack system is becoming an in-demand wine storage solution all over the world. It is designed to bring any room to life without having to spend a hefty amount of money. It also does not require a large room to build your dream wine cellar, one that will store your precious collection for years.

Beauty and Stability

Ultra PEG XL metal racking without rubber

Ultra PEG XL Wine Rack System Without Rubber

The Ultra PEG XL Series racking system will allow you to showcase your collection in a modern way, creating the illusion of bottles floating in air. The bottles are displayed with the necks facing out.

Any boring room can be transformed into an awesome display of wines resting on pegs. Every peg is 1-inch-thick and 9 inches long.The pegs have a patented design and are constructed with durability and strength to hold the bottles securely in place. Start with two pieces of Ultra PEG XL to support one bottle. If you add the third peg, the racking will hold two bottles at a time, adding the fourth peg can store three bottles, and so on.

Stability and Resistance to Scratch

Ultra PEG XL Series contemporary metal wine racks

Ultra XL Pegs can Hold Two Wine Bottles

The pegs include rubber O-rings, which provide stability, preventing the bottle from slipping. In the event of a minor earthquake in your area, you will have a peaceful mind because there is less possibility that your collection will fall from the wine racks. Our Ultra PEG XL Series is finished in Brushed Aluminum, which makes the metal wine racks resistant to scratch. There is no need to worry about leaving unwanted marks on the pegs after pulling out a bottle of your favorite wine.

Backsplash Options and Convenience in Increasing Bottle Capacity

Ultra PEG XL Series metal wine rack system

Secure and High-End Metal Racking System

You may opt for pre-made panels or custom backer boards. Our backsplash options will allow you to create a wine storage area that will display your collection in almost any area in your home or commercial establishment. With our Ultra PEG XL Series wine racks, adding more bottles to your current wine collection can be as easy as adding more pegs.

Let Us Build a High-End Wine Display Area for Your Collection

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we want your wine display area to be stunning and stable. What are you waiting for? Call us now at +1 (866) 646-7089 and order our Ultra PEG Series metal wine racks!