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Attention-Grabbing Wine Display with Ultra Saddle Wine Racks

Create a Distinctive Display of Your Collection with Ultra Saddle Metal Wine Racks

Your precious wine collection deserves to be displayed in a high-end racking system. Our Ultra Wine Saddle Series metal wine racks are the perfect modern storage solution that will suit the needs of a home, restaurant, and hotel owners. Learn about the features of this innovative racking system.

Utilizing Ultra Wine Saddle Series Metal Racks for a Sophisticated Storage System

Ultra PEG Wine Saddle Series metal wine racks

High-End Wine Storage System with Ultra Wine Saddle

When you are starting to plan your wine cellar project, keep in mind that your choice of wine racks plays a vital role in the overall appeal of your storage space.

Nowadays, contemporary wine displays are increasing in demand, both in residential and commercial applications. These can be achieved by utilizing a metal racking system, like our Ultra Wine Saddle Series racks.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer this line of racking because of its many benefits. It can be mounted in unique ways, creating an attention-grabbing display.

Stylish Bottle Supports

Most metal wine rack systems hold the bottles in straight stainless steel rods, with the label or cork facing out. With the Ultra Wine Saddle Series rack, the support has a distinct curved shape. There are two curved sections that are attached to a rod, which will be mounted on the panel using screws. The smaller curve (2.75 inches wide) holds the neck while the bigger one (4.875 inches wide) holds the sides.

Ultra PEG Wine Saddle

Stylish Wine Cradle Ultra Saddle Series Metal Racks

Each bottle support, which can hold one bottle, easily accommodates standard and some magnum-sized bottles. It is durable and finished in bright silver. You may opt to customize the color of the bottle supports for an additional charge.

It is also scratch and mark resistant, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the wine label when you remove a bottle from the bottle holder.

Whether you need a wine storage system for your home, restaurant, hotel, or retail store, we recommend our Ultra Wine Saddle Series metal rack collection. It is ideal for building modern and minimalist wine cellars that will stun your guests or customers.

Easy to Install

Ultra PEG Wine Saddle Series Metal Racking System

Gorgeous Custom Wine Display

Another factor that you must look for when choosing a wine rack system is ease of installation. Our Ultra Wine Saddle storage racks are quick and easy to install.

Simply drill a hole in your panel and insert the wine saddle through the hole. To lock it in place, you must attach a rear mounting plate and screw it onto the back of the mounting panel. The maximum thickness of the panel material is one-half inch.

The nuts and rear mounting plate are included, but not the tools. The horizontal space between the two bottle holders is least 5.5 inches while the minimum vertical spacing is 5 inches.

Let Us Create a Distinctive Wine Display Area for Your Collection

If you want to see your prized wines displayed in a modern racking system, we recommend the Ultra Wine Saddle Series metal racks. Contact us today at +1 (866) 646-7089 or request a wine cellar design for FREE!