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About Murals

Murals are a great way to add ambiance to your wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists can provide you with two distinctly different types of wall murals.

The large wall murals are paintings and photographs that are produced onto canvas, vinyl or repositionable peel and stick surfaces. These murals are usually used for larger surfaces like whole or partial walls. They can cover any size wall or ceiling area howeverthe minimum size is 4 ft. X 6 ft.

Canvas murals are not recommended for the high humidity of a wine room. The vinyl and peel and stick murals both work well in high moisture areas.

Vinyl: $7.95 per sq. ft.
Peel and Stick: $9.95 per sq. ft.
Canvas: $11.95 per sq. ft.

Tumbled marble tiles are used for smaller areas, inside arches or for a decorative spot lighted area. The tiles come in 4” X 4” tiles and 6” X 6” tiles. They are positioned together with the picture covering several tiles.

Tumbled Marble takes on the characteristics of natural stone and offers a beautiful rustic design for any interior wall surface. We use top quality tumbled marble tiles from Turkey to create designs with an old world charm. These tiles can be used with or without any surrounding tiles.

4” X 4” tiles: $12.00 each
6” X 6” tiles: $23.00 each

Metal murals are also used for smaller areas, inside arches or for a decorative spot lighted area. These are one piece metal murals that come in various sizes depending upon the design. They are available in bronze, copper, or nickel colored metals and are intended for indoor use only. They are sealed with a low-maintenance clear coating. The murals are intended for vertical surface applications only.

Download PDF for Metal Mural Specifications