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New Wine Cellar Cooling Product from CellarPro…

Will It Work For You?

A new product has just been released and it is causing quite a stir.  This is a truly great fully ducted wine cellar cooling system by CellarPro, it is extremely versatile and can be configured to be used in many different ways.  For example, the cooling units can be stacked vertically when floor space is limited; or they can be stacked horizontally when ceiling height is limited; or the evaporator and the condensing unit can be split apart, and the condensing unit even can be placed outdoors, when space or access are limited

This new Wine Cellar Air Handler comes in both the 6500 and the 8500 sizes.  Therefore, these units are meant for larger cellars, up to 1750 cubic feet and up to 2500 cubic feet, respectively, with proper insulation and vapor barrier installed in the wine cellar.  The self-contained (ie Horizontal and Vertical) units are pre-charged and factory set so that they do NOT have to be installed by an HVAC contractor.

There are several different ways these wine cooling systems can be installed:

  • These wine cellar cooling units can be placed horizontally or vertically.
  • They can be used as one unit or separated as a split system.

  • An optional remote digital display is available for use inside or outside the cellar when the units are ducted to and from the cellar.
  • The evaporator can be ducted into and from the cellar with the condenser attached.
  • The evaporator can be split and connected to the evaporator via 2 copper lines.
  • The evaporator could be placed inside the room and connected through the wall to the condenser via 2 copper lines.
  • Each unit is 18.6w x 18.6 d x 19.3 h… so each section is quite large.
  • The condenser can be connected to the evaporator directly.
  • The condenser can be “split” and connected to it via 2 copper lines and be separated up to 100 line ft. away.
  • The units can be ducted to the wine cellar from the evaporator and to the outdoors or another large space from the condenser up to 100 equivalent ft. (50 ft. per duct).
  • The units are also available so that the condenser can be placed indoors or outdoors to temperatures from -20 degrees to 110 degrees when used with the optional low ambient kit.


The way you will install your unit must be determined before ordering to receive the correct unit configuration.

Optional Humidifiers and Heaters are available that can be installed at the factory upon placing your order.  These must be factory installed and cannot be added later.

The integrated Humidifier is perfect for increasing the humidity level in commercial or residential wine cellars. They are controlled by digital controllers that are mounted inside the wine room and are wired to the humidifier that is mounted to the rear of the Air Handler.  Humidity levels can be set from 5% to 70% in 5% increments.

The 900W integrated Heater is for cellars that are unheated and exposed to conditions below 55 degrees.  When the heater system is added, it is integrated with and controlled by the digital control panel and automatically adds heat or refrigeration based on the temperature inside the cellar.  A safety thermostat provides protection from overheating.

Here is a photo of recent install of an AH6500Sch CellarPro system installed by one of our partner contractors in Memphis, TN.  Located in the attic above the wine cellar the air was ducted to and from the wine cellar.   The hot air was ducted outdoors and the fresh air was received from the fully insulated attic.   The contractor who installed this unit purchased an extra duct collar for the unit. He is currently getting his supply air from the attic. If he finds that the attic gets too hot over the summer, he will change out the grill to the duct collar, adding a duct to the outside for the supply air.

Go here Custom Wine Cellars Memphis to see an example of a CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling Unit installed is a recent residential wine cellar project.

To find out if this type of system is right for your wine cellar …. Or to see what cooling system is the best type and size for your wine cellar, call Wine Cellar Specialists to have a heat load calculation performed and get a unit recommendation.

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