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So you want your own wine cellar

While you can build a wine cellar in any part of your home, remember that where you build your wine cellar will affect how much you spend yearly in cellar-related costs. The temperature in most wine cellars is between 55 degrees and 58 degrees, and wine cellars typically have a humidity of between 50% and 75%, so, if possible,  pick the coolest and most-humid place in your house and be sure to use the correct amount of insulation and vapor barrier in the wall construction. Doing so will help you lower your overall costs, because this may allow you to use a smaller-sized cooling unit.

After you’ve picked the spot in your house where you will build your wine cellar, plan carefully. How much money are you willing to invest initially and going forward? What do you want your wine cellar to look like? Can you find building materials locally, or are you going to have to special order materials? Are you prepared to do the work yourself? How will you protect your wine?

Your cellar will need the correct size and type of cooling system. The size of cellar and also where it is located makes a difference in what can be used. Also, think about the floor of the cellar. You can dramatically increase the beauty of your wine cellar by picking amazing flooring. And don’t limit your thinking to just tile. While you may ultimately go with a tile floor, consider cork or reclaimed wine barrel flooring. Any moisture-resistant material can be used on the floor.

Now, think about the wine you are planning to store. Not all bottles are the same size and shape, so you should think about the type of the wine racks you will install. Look at all of your options. Make sure that the cubicles of the standard 750 racks will hold any larger or odd shaped bottles. They need to be at least 3 ¾” wide. Do you want to store magnum or larger sized bottles? Will you have any larger Champagne bottles in your collection? What about the smaller split size? Will you want storage for wood cases? Do you want all of your bottles in individual cubicles or do you want bulk storage such as X bins or Diamond bins? What about display rows? Regular display rows or horizontal displays are available in some racking. A waterfall style display rack is another possibility. Consider the wine you will store and choose racks that you think will protect and store your wine the best.

Then there are your wines. Do you already have them? Are you waiting until your cellar is finished before you get them? You’re thinking about a wine cellar, so you must already be a wine aficionado or live with someone who is. At the end of the day, a wine cellar without wine is an empty wine cellar. When you’re planning your budget for the project, think about how much money you will spend on wines. Also, when planning your budget for future years, think about how much you plan to spend on acquiring new wines.

A do-it-yourself wine cellar is not impossible, but it is not easy. A wine cellar may boost your resale value, help you store your collection of wine, and be something to brag about. Let’s face it – how many people do you know who have built their own wine cellars? Or who even have a wine cellar in their home?

Daunted by how much goes into building a wine cellar? Don’t be. Wine Cellar Specialists can help. No matter where you live or what your wine cellar needs, we can help. Call us at 972-454-0480, or you can e-mail us at

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