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Why Store Your Precious Wines in Refrigerated Texas Wine Cellars

Have you experienced throwing away an expensive bottle of vintage wine because it tastes bad? If yes, you may be storing your collection in poor conditions. Wine Cellar Specialists, a master builder in Texas, recommends homeowners to invest in a climate-controlled wine cellar to protect your favorite vintages from the damaging factors. 

How to Preserve Your Precious Vintages the Proper Way

storing vintages in Texas wine cellar

Wine Needs a Stable Environment to Age Properly

Vintage wine is created from grapes that are grown in a specific year. Hence, if you read a label such as Cabernet Sauvignon 2000, this tells you that the grapes used in making that wine were harvested in the year 2000.

Each harvest of grapes has specific characteristics to them. There are nuances in color, nose, body, and palate with each harvest year. So it follows that older wines are not necessarily better than the younger ones. It all depends on the year of harvest. This is why wine collectors fill their wine racks with bottles from a good vintage year.

For a wine to have the right to have the year and grape-growing region placed on its label, it must have at least 95 % of its grapes come from that harvest year. However, if the wine doesn’t have a specified region where the grapes were grown, the percentage will dip to 85%.

Some wine makers release vintages when the conditions in their vineyards are so good that the grapes grown are exceptional, and as such these wine bottles are available only in limited supply.

So what does it mean for Texas wine collectors to have vintage wines in their collection? Knowing the value of these rare vintage wines, it’s just crucial that this type of wine be stored properly.

Ideal Conditions for Proper Maturation of Wine

refrigerated wine cellar Texas

Climate-Controlled Texas Custom Wine Cellar

Wine storage requires a delicate balance in temperature and humidity so that wine can develop its complex flavors and aromas before it is drunk. This usually requires a climate-controlled environment in your wine cellar, especially if you live in a warmer climate, such as Texas.

Fluctuations of more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit beyond the ideal temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit could affect your wine’s quality.

Failure to achieve the optimum temperature can cause wine oxidation. Oxidized wines have unpleasant taste and odor. Temperature stability can only be achieved by installing a commercial grade wine cellar cooling system.

This equipment allows you to maintain constant temperature and humidity in your wine cellar to achieve proper maturation of your favorite vintages.

Whether your Texas wine cellar is located in a basement, garage, closet, or in any area in your home, it is vital to ensure that the correct cooling equipment is installed in it. You don’t want your precious wines to be ruined.

Trusted Manufacturers of Wine Cooling Systems

US Cellar Systems wine cooling unit Texas

Wine Cooling System by US Cellar Systems

With several brands of wine refrigeration systems available in the market today, it is best to consult with a wine cooling expert like Wine Cellar Specialists. They offer cooling units manufactured by Wine Guardian, US Cellar Systems, CellarPro, and WhisperKOOL.

The three types of cooling systems are self-contained, ducted self-contained, and split. Your chosen builder should be able to determine the most ideal refrigeration unit based on your functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements.

Why Stock Vintage Wines in Your Texas Wine Cellar?

Texas wine cellars stocked with vintage wine generally hold more value in their wine storage racks. If you buy a vintage wine, it is as if you possess a rich and unique piece of history.

It represents the highest level of winemaking and the bottle can only increase in value as years pass. Because of vintage wine’s superior quality, it is like owning a piece of art. What’s more is that these are actually art pieces that you can literally savor. You can experience the finest wines from the best harvest years by collecting them in your wine cellar.

Even if you’re living in Texas and famous wine-making regions are thousands of miles away, it’s as if you have the best wine caves of France right in your own wine cellar.

Keep Your Wine Collection Safe. Seek the Help of a Wine Storage Expert.

Wine Cellar Master Builder in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago

Wine Cellar Specialists Builds Wine Cellars in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago

Whatever your storage needs, budget, or style, it is important to ensure that your wine collection is safe. Wine Cellar Specialists build wine cellars in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago.

Visit their gallery of refrigerated wine cellars at Contact them now at 866-646-7089 or request a FREE 3D design by clicking here.

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