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Check out this sneak peek of a new residential custom wine cellars builders project we recently completed in Naperville a location near Chicago Illinois. As Full Service Wine Cellar Builders, Contractors and Installers we love building and designing beautiful custom wine cellars, wine tasting rooms and simple closet conversions like this example job. For the full story, interesting before and after images go to custom wine cellars design Chicago.

Custom Wine Cellar Builders Contractors & Installers Chicago Illinois

Custom Wine Cellar Contractors Chicago

Naperville is a smaller city just outside Chicago Illinois. Interestingly it has been voted as a best place to live in the United States several times, even at one time making it to the number two best place to live position. As a smaller U.S. City with a population around 142,000 (2010) it is actually quite an affluent city with numerous corporate headquarters located in the down town area. Surprisingly in a 2010 article, Naperville was named as the wealthiest city in the Midwest!  As Custom Wine Cellar Builders it should be no surprise therefore that we maintain a local presence of Wine Cellar Contractors in Naperville, Chicago and Illinois generally.
If you live in one of these areas and are considering converting an unused room into a Wine Tasting Room or Custom Wine Cellar simple call us Toll Free: at (866) 646-7089 or complete a FREE Wine Cellar Designs form and we will create a stunning 3D CAD Design Package tailored to your specific requirements without obligation and completely free of charge.

If you have asked yourself if you need a wine cellar in your home, then you already have your answer. Just asking the question means that you have gone beyond the normal wine drinker who may have a few bottles on hand for the occasional dinner party or night in.

Because a home wine cellar (and, let’s face it, wine) is an investment, you should be thinking about the type of custom wine cellar you want in your home, not just whether you want one. Your wine cellar should grow with you and your collection, and unless you’re not planning to sell your home, then your wine room should be built in such a way that it will appeal to someone other than you.

A Residential Custom Wine Cellar may be a nice incentive for someone buying a home, so make sure it has broad appeal.

One benefit to having a wine cellar of your own, is it allows you to buy wine in bulk. Wine by the case is less expensive than one or two bottles. Wine by the case is also less expensive when it is young, and if you know wine (and if you want a wine cellar in your home, then you must know wine), these young wines, once mature, will taste better and result in a larger return on your investment. It also allows you to purchase larger quantities of a wine that you discover and particularly enjoy, to assure that you will be able to have a stock of it for the future.

Home Wine Room Chicago

How will you use your wine cellar (in other words, what prompted you to ask the question in the first place?)? Will you use it strictly for storage, will you also use it as a tasting room, or is it to be a showplace? How you plan to use it is important to know, because that can affect the way you construct your room, or at least the size of it and how the racking is designed.

If your wine cellar will be used just for storage, then think about how many bottles of wine you currently have as well as how many bottles of wine you plan to accumulate. Your cellar should be able to grow with you and your collection. Make sure you can maximize the bottle storage for the space you have. If you want a wine room and think that you just don’t have the space, look around at unused areas. Do you have a stairwell? And, if you do, can you build out underneath it? Unused closets? Maybe you use it to build out a cellar.

Where you build the room will be dictated by the ability to install your climate control system. Controlling the temperature is critical to ensuring your collection is protected and continues to grow in value.

If you have considered building a wine cellar in your home, then don’t ask yourself if you should build one; ask, instead, how big you want it to be and what will go inside of it.