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Check out this sneak peek of a new residential custom wine cellars builders project we recently completed in Naperville a location near Chicago Illinois. As Full Service Wine Cellar Builders, Contractors and Installers we love building and designing beautiful custom wine cellars, wine tasting rooms and simple closet conversions like this example job. For the full story, interesting before and after images go to custom wine cellars design Chicago.

Custom Wine Cellar Builders Contractors & Installers Chicago Illinois

Custom Wine Cellar Contractors Chicago

Naperville is a smaller city just outside Chicago Illinois. Interestingly it has been voted as a best place to live in the United States several times, even at one time making it to the number two best place to live position. As a smaller U.S. City with a population around 142,000 (2010) it is actually quite an affluent city with numerous corporate headquarters located in the down town area. Surprisingly in a 2010 article, Naperville was named as the wealthiest city in the Midwest!  As Custom Wine Cellar Builders it should be no surprise therefore that we maintain a local presence of Wine Cellar Contractors in Naperville, Chicago and Illinois generally.
If you live in one of these areas and are considering converting an unused room into a Wine Tasting Room or Custom Wine Cellar simple call us Toll Free: at (866) 646-7089 or complete a FREE Wine Cellar Designs form and we will create a stunning 3D CAD Design Package tailored to your specific requirements without obligation and completely free of charge.

Designing Custom Wine Cellars Chicago & Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine storage is much more than the wine you choose to store inside. In fact, the wine, contrary to what you might think, is less a factor in an effective wine cellar than the cellar itself.

For Chicago custom wine cellars of course, ultimately, the wine inside your wine room is what will matter, but in the beginning, and, to some degree, going forward, the cellar itself is what will make or break your collection.

Without the right temperature and humidity, and in less than ideal conditions, the wine you hope to one day enjoy or sell (wine as investment is not as rare as you may think) will not be there.

Wine Storage Temperature

wine cellar temperature Chicago

A Stable Temperature Keeps Wine at Its Best

In order to preserve wine’s complex characteristics, it needs to be stored in a room where the temperature is between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature fluctuations can be detrimental to wine. If the temperature exceeds the normal range, the sealing ability of cork is  destroyed. It may shrink, allowing unwanted oxygen to get into the bottle. When this happens, oxidation occurs.

Oxidation causes off flavors and flat aromas in wine. It also causes wine discoloration. Premature browning in reds and a deeper yellow color in whites are indications that wine has been oxidized.

Wine Cellar Humidity

In addition to temperature, humidity also affects the quality of wine. Your wine cellar must be able to keep the humidity level between 60-70%.

Wrong humidity levels will dry out the corks, allowing air to enter the bottle and mix with wine. It can also trigger mold growth that can damage the wine labels and wine racks.

Achieve Proper Storage Conditions by Careful Planning and Choosing the Right Wine Cellar Cooling System Chicago

With some careful planning, forward thinking, and the right cellar, how you want your wine to be when you one day drink it is achievable and very possible.

Some people choose to build their custom wine cellars in their basements, and while this may be the best space in your home in which to create a cellar, (assuming you actually have a basement) keep in mind that the conditions in your basement are not necessarily ideal for wine storage or more importantly the proper aging of your wine collection.

wine cellar cooling system

A Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Protects Wine from Damage

Also you should think create an environmentally controlled space for your wine collection. A wine cooling cooling system makes sure that regardless of the conditions outside, or even in your home, you are protecting your wine and your investment. Such a system also means that your cellar does not have to be in a basement.

Effective wine cellar cooling units correctly controlling your wine rooms climate means the sky is the limit when it comes to cellar location, or is at least only limited by the size of your home.

Of course, where you place your wine cellar is based on how a cooling system can be installed. If installing a self contained unit, you need to be able to vent directly through the wall outside (only units specifically designed for extreme conditions) or to another room that is heat and air conditioned and is at least twice the size of your cellar.(the most cost effective method.)

If using a split system, you can place your condenser up to 50 feet from the evaporator and either copper lines or ducting might be used. There are many ways and types of cooling systems.

Consult a wine cellar specialist to determine what can be used in your situation

You must choose the correct cooling unit for your wine cellar so that it cools efficiently for your particular conditions. Not only the size of the room, but the insulation, the door, where the cellar is located inside the home are all factors when determining the correct size of unit.  A wine cellar specialist can do a heat load calculation to determine the size of unit that you will need.

The correct unit can be counted on to keep your wine collection safe. You will find that temperature and humidity will become common words around your home, as these are the two aspects in your cellar that are key to your wine storage.

Most units have digital controls. This type of control allows you to monitor the temperature in your cellar, and tell you instantly if there are any changes. The cooling units automatically run in cycles to maintain the correct temperature. Digital controls are part of most units, but if offered as an option, consider going with it, even if it adds to the price of your unit.

Protect Your Wines from Being Damaged. Contact a Professional.

Wine Cellar Specialists - Wine Cellar Builder in Chicago

Wine Cellar Specialists – a Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Expert

Prevent wine spoilage by choosing a wine cellar cooling expert in Chicago. Let Wine Cellar Specialists help you determine the refrigeration system that best suits your storage needs.  

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