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Things to Think About Before Installing a Texas Wine cellar in Your Home

Mistakes in wine room construction can be avoided if you work with the right company. We, at Wine Cellar Specialists, have extensive knowledge in proper wine storage. We have designed functional custom wine displays, and installed Texas wine cellars with the proper components. Before the wine room installation, there are important questions that need to be answered, to ensure that our clients will be happy with the beauty and functionality of their wine rooms.

Questions That Needs to be Answered Before Wine Cellar Installation

Texas wine cellar

A Wine Cellar Must be Built by a Professional

Yes, wine cellars are a good investment, especially if you are a wine connoisseur. Consider your wine collection. Maybe you don’t know how you became a collector.

A couple of bottles you bought for dinner became a case for a week’s vacation with friends and all of a sudden you’re reading labels and asking about vintage and years.

What’s next? Worrying about storage temperature. If you don’t think about it, that special bottle you’re saving for a golden anniversary or for when that promotion goes through may not taste as special as you are hoping.

Once your thoughts turn to storage temperature, it’s time to think about a wine cellar of your very own.

Some questions you may have, or at least some questions others at the start of their wine cellar process have had, and some answers. Of course, your situation is unique to you. Some of the questions may not apply. Remember, we’re here to help. Call us at 972-454-0480, or you can e-mail us at

Is special construction required?

proper wine storage Texas

Wine Will Age Properly in the Right Environment

The fluctuation of temperature is the number one cause of wines going bad. You want your wine cellar to have a constant temperature of between 55 degrees and 58 degrees, and maintain a humidity of between 50% and 75%. The temperature in most homes hovers around 70 degrees, and the humidity in most homes is somewhere between 20% and 30%.

Of course, where you live, and the temperature and humidity outside, probably affects the temperature and humidity in your home.

The proper insulation and vapor barrier in the walls is the first step to creating a wine room. These will keep the wine cellar humidity at the ideal range by preventing the warm air from leaking into the wine room.

Without proper insulation, molds and mildew can build up in your wine cellar, which can damage the integrity of your racking and walls. This can also damage the wine labels.

The next step is to find out which climate control system is right for you. After the assessment of your needs, Wine Cellar Specialists will be able to recommend the type and brand of wine refrigeration system that suits your storage requirements. This will stabilize the temperature and humidity in the wine room. Regular air conditioners don’t have the capacity to provide the right environment that will help wine to age gracefully.

View the different cooling options for Texas wine cellars.

Can I install a Texas wine cellar anywhere?

Yes. However, keep in mind that where you install your wine cellar will affect how much you spend on its upkeep going forward. Also, heat, light, and vibration can affect your wine. Pick a spot without windows preferably (so you don’t have to worry about covering them) and away from any noise is best. The type of climate control system you can use also depends upon where your room is located. Consult a Wine Cellar Specialist.

When does the cooling unit go in?

Normally, your refrigeration system goes in after the drywall is installed. However, you will want to run the electrical and drain lines during your wall construction.

Do I need to install special flooring?

Texas Wine Cellar Flooring

Yes. You need to install flooring that can withstand high humidity. Carpeting just will not do, since it may likely rot.

Concrete is OK, as long as it is sealed properly. Porcelain or granite tiles, cork or hardwood flooring is most often recommended.

When creating a climate controlled Texas wine cellar, be sure that the proper vapor barrier is also under your flooring material.

I don’t want to build my wine cellar. Can anyone do it?

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

Yes, most likely. A blanket statement like anyone can build your wine cellar is difficult to back up. If your builder follows proper Texas wine cellar construction and enclosure guidelines, then yes, anyone can help you.

The materials your builder will need for your wine cellar are easy to find, and often used in other home projects. But you should ask any builder you consider for the job if they have experience with wine cellars, and if not, if they work with anyone who does.

When it comes to installing the climate control, many units will require a licensed HVAC/R contractor.

The most affordable builder, or the builder who promises to have your wine cellar finished in the shortest amount of time, may not be the best builder for your job. Think long-term appreciation, not short-term satisfaction. We, at Wine Cellar Specialists, will create your wine cellar from start to finish… or work with your builder to help educate him on the best methods when building your room.

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