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Unique Wine Cellar Designs – The WCS Trademark

The process of designing and building your own wine cellar can be complex and tedious, but with the help of Wine Cellar Specialists, the fulfillment of your dream wine cellar becomes easier and more enjoyable too. Let us discuss one by one the wine cellar projects we have done for clients who once only dreamed, but are now relishing the beauty and comfort of their own wine cellars.

We have created various types of wine cellars (traditional and modern) for wine stores, hotels, restaurants and residences in different parts of Texas and Chicago as well as many other areas of the country. As a rule, we always try to make every project as unique as possible.

We begin the wine cellar design process by assigning our clients a specialist who will be guiding and working with you from the beginning to the completion of your wine cellar project, and even after that. A free consultation will be given to make the clients understand the whole concept of wine storage.

Custom Wine Cellars Naperville, Illinois

Custom Wine Cellar Naperville, Illinois

One of the most interesting wine cellar projects we did was the Anil Custom Wine Cellar Naperville, Illinois. The wine cellar is built in the entertainment and bar area, where the space is a bit small.

The Anil project was actually a closet conversion type. We carefully planned the set up and made sure that the small space provided would be effectively converted to an elegant wine storage area. With the challenge of having a limited space, we were able to create a wine cellar that can house up to 497 wine bottles with the added lighting effect and wine racks made of premium redwood. 

Custom Wine Cellars Naperville, Illinois

Custom Wine Cellar Palos Heights, Illinois

Another exciting project we had was Dave’s Custom Wine Cellar, which was constructed in the basement of his beautiful home in Palos

Heights, Illinois. This custom wine cellar is constructed with Premium Redwood custom wine racks. The choice of wine rack designs add elegance to this wine room and they include curved true radius solid x bins, corner wine racks and solid archway with led lighting and display rows. Wine Cellar Specialists further enhanced the look of the wine cellar by using the client’s own wine barrel, making it into a table top and a peninsula type of tasting table.

Griffith Dallas Texas Custom Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellar Dallas Texas

A contemporary residential wine cellardesign is the inspiration of the Griffith Dallas Texas Custom Wine Cellar project.

The challenge in this project was the small closet space that we had to work with. WCS and the client decided to go for a contemporary style by using metal wine racks in black with a fully climate controlled system. The metal wine racks are ideal space savers and they create a modern look of wine storage where the wine racking system stores wines from floor to ceiling.Wine Cellar Specialists created a lot of other unique custom wine cellars in Illinois, Texas, Washington, Atlanta, New Jersey, Michigan and more. Check them out here:

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