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Westlake TX – Residential Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Fort Worth

This wine cellar in Westlake near just north of Dallas Fort Worth Texas is a very unusual wine room conversion project.  Custom wine cellars like this really challenge designer’s skills and as such end up being amongst our favorite projects.

As residential wine cellar rooms go it’s very small at 6.5 feet by 7 feet.  As I am sure you can imagine, dealing with room sizes this small presents its own set of challenges.  Capacity and aesthetics, how well the clients wine collection is displayed as well how much of it can be stored has to be balanced carefully.

Check out the two videos below, the first using the 3D drawings takes you through the design elements and in the second you can see the finished wine cellar.

The total capacity of this wine storage room came out to 526 bottles of wine stored in some very creative ways. To aid in creating a very high end and unique look we used a reclaimed wine barrel product for the wine cellar flooring and for a table top used to present and serve wines.  All the racking was designed with custom wine racks built in mahogany with custom stain match color and lacquer finished.

Particularly unusual is a corner rotating circular wine rack, we are sure you will agree this is quite different and impressive.

Dallas Fort Worth Custom Wine Cellars – Westlake TX – Part 1
For the back wall, the wall most prominent on entering the wine room, we created a mix of standard 750ml racking, a hand carved grape vine display arch with an additional glass rack, a wine glass ‘stemware’ rack, a horizontal label forward display for magnum sized bottles and a double deep solid ‘X’ cube area for case lot storage.