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Why Build a Texas Home Wine Cellar?

The Benefits of Building a Texas Wine Cellar in Your Home

The importance of good wine storage should not be underestimated. Failure to store wine in a climate-controlled environment will result in waste of time and money you spent for your collection. For this very reason, Wine Cellar Specialists recommends investing in a functional Texas home wine cellar that will preserve wine for many years to come. They ensure that every wine room they build is installed with essential components.  

An Effective Residential Wine Cellar – the Perfect Place for Your Growing Collection

Texas home wine cellar

Home Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists Texas

Any oenophile worth his or her weight in wine knows that enthusiastic wine collecting needs a suitable place at home in which to grow. Fortunately, as more and more people turn to wine as a hobby, your options for building a wine cellar or having a wine cellar built in your home continue to grow.

Wine cellars are not particularly difficult to find room for in a moderately sized home, and you can not only find plenty of do-it-yourself guides to help you along the way, but also get help from experts ready to make your dreams come true.

Wine Cellar Specialists is your one-stop source for all things related to wine storage. They provide the essential components for your Texas home wine cellar, such as wine racks, cooling systems, doors, and flooring. They have found that the cellar itself is often the easy part of the project. You may know where in your home you can build a space in which to store your wine.

Preserving Wine Quality with an Efficient Wine Cooling System

Texas wine cellar cooling system

Wine Cooling System – an Essential Component of Texas Wine Cellars

You may know about the temperature requirements for your cellar, and you may even know about the difference in humidity your cellar needs to be at, compared to the rest of your house.

Wine needs a stable environment to preserve its desirable characteristics. To achieve this, it must be stored in a wine cellar equipped with a reliable wine cooling system.

The type and capacity of your cooling unit depend on the number of bottles in your collection, and the size and location of your wine room. If you are not sure which refrigeration system suits your needs, please see the different wine cooling options offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Wine Racks

Whether you want something custom to your taste, or you want one of our modular rack kits, Wine Cellar Specialists can help.

Your wine rack system is one of the factors that contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of your Texas home wine cellar. You must choose the right material and design to allow for a more organized storage system, to ensure bottle safety, and to create attractive wine displays.

wood and metal  wine racks for Texas wine cellars

Wood and Metal Wine Racking

Wine racks can be made of wood or metal. Wooden wine racks add warmth to your storage space. They are durable and offers design flexibility.

Metal wine racks are ideal for modern homes. They add sleek appearance to wine rooms. Master builders recommend the Vintage View metal racking systems. They are known for their durability and ability to match any décor.

Wine Cellar Doors

wine cellar door Texas

Texas Wine Cellar Door

But you know one part of the wine cellar that often goes overlooked until the very end? Wine cellar doors. Don’t leave your door as an afterthought. It is as important as your cellar itself.

As many options as you have for cellars, your options for cellar doors are just as limitless. Keep in mind that the door needs to be exterior-grade, provide insulation, and have proper weather stripping. Beyond the practicality of the door you pick – it is the FIRST thing you and your guests see when you walk into your cellar. You want to pick something that not only fits the rest of your home but also fits your cellar AND your personality.

If you choose a door that opens into your cellar, but make sure that the door will not hit any racks (or, more importantly, any bottles of wine) when it opens. If you pick a door with glass, make sure the glass is duel pane tempered glass and properly fits the door frame. Most of the cold air that escapes from a wine cellar escapes from under the door. An automatic door bottom will help to seal below the door. If you pick a poor door, then all of the work you’ve invested in your cellar and your wine may be for nothing.

Any wine collector knows that a wine cellar is the way to go. Not only does it give you total control over your wine and its storage, but it will also, in time, add value to your home.

An Expert Can Help Build Your Dream Wine Cellar

Why build a wine cellar? Why not build a Texas home wine cellar? And why not let the experts help you make your wine cellar dreams come true?

If you have questions or want more information about how they can help you build a custom wine cellar, call Wine Cellar Specialists at 972-454-0480, or you can e-mail them at They can help you stay within budget, find something that fits your needs, and something that not only shows off your superior taste but also complements your fine wine collection.

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