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Why Purchase Modular Wine Racks?

Kessick Estate Series

Why would I look at purchasing modular wine racks?

What does “modular” mean anyway?

How much installation is really required?

These are questions we hear every day from our clients who need to understand just what a modular wine rack really is.

The “Modular” in wine racks means that these racks come in specific components that are specific sizes and are pre-assembled.  Yes, pre-assembled. Unlike our other traditional kit and custom racks, the Kessick series modular wine racks do not require you to put them together when they arrive.  They may however require “installation”.  What that means is that you will need to attach the different components together and also attach them to your wall.  You may need to attach the crown and base moldings.  They may also need to be mitered on site to fit.  If you have requested a led lighting option, those lights are already installed into the racks. Easy, Easy, Easy!

The Kessick series is made from Sapele mahogany.  Unlike the mahogany variety of our traditional kit and custom racks which is a light brown color, the Sapele mahogany is a much deeper brown in color giving it a deep rich look that will get even darker with age.  The lacquer option is suggested and will give your racks a beautiful furniture finish.

Kessick Modular Wine Racks come in two core styles.  There are the more traditional style or the Kessick Estate Design Series and the modern style or the Kessick Contemporary Series.

Kessick Contemporary Series

The Kessick Estate Series modular racks are higher priced than the traditional…. But… weighing everything in…. not having to add a stain to get a darker color, not needing to pay for assembly and installation of the racks…. AND the great price for the pre-installed led lights… and the lacquer… You may come out at close to the same price, if not lower.

The Kessick Estate Series wine racks are currently offered as a choice for a one wall design. If you have one wall to rack and your ceiling height is at least 85” high, this series may be perfect for you.

The Kessick Contemporary Series is unlike anything you have seen before. Sleek and modern, this series of 20 different rack groupings can be used with one grouping on a wall as a focal point or mixed with several groupings to create an entire wall of contemporary racks. Lacquered mahogany, black lacquer, and brushed aluminum (stainless steel look) finishes are found in the various modules.

Things to remember about our Kessick Modular racks:

  • Pre-assembled
  • Sapele mahogany
  • Lacquer option available
  • Estate Series side panels and back options available
  • Led lighting option available
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Traditional or contemporary designs

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