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Wine Accessories for Storage and Serving of Wine – Great Wine Gift Ideas

Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

Accessories for wines are accouterments used during the storage or serving of wines.  These miscellaneous items are designed to help preserve the taste and flavor of wines, as well as enhance the wine tasting experience.  Wine accessories consist of different equipment that may serve various purposes, such as wine racks, wine decanters, glass stemware, wine stoppers, corkscrews, and wine collars.

Wine racks are purpose built to safely ensconce wine bottles and ensure the sealing quality of corks.  These racks hold bottles at an angle that keeps the cork in constant contact with the wine and thus maintains its seal and prevents it from drying out.  Wine storage and display racks are made from wood or metal, and come in a range of styles and sizes that can fit any storage needs and design preferences.

Wine Racks - Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine Racks – Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine decanters are serving vessels made from glass that can hold the entire contents of a wine bottle.  The purpose of this wine vessel is to remove sediment, as well as aerate the wine before serving.  It comes with a sleek and elegant design that makes for a beautiful presentation at dinner parties or at wine tasting events.

Glass Stemware - Wine Gift Ideas

Glass Stemware – Wine Gift Ideas

Glass stemware refers to containers used for drinking or tasting wines.  They consist of the bowl, stem, and foot.  Wine glasses can influence the presentation and perception of wines; hence, different types of wine glasses are used for different kinds of wines.

Wine stoppers help preserve the taste and flavor of leftover wines.  These wine accessories are used to secure partially consumed wine bottles.  There are five different types of wine stoppers:  natural cork wine stoppers, synthesized stoppers, screw stoppers, crown stoppers, and glass stoppers.  They come in different shapes and sizes, but all are designed to ensure that the quality of leftover wines is maintained.

Corkscrew - Wine Gifts

Corkscrew – Wine Gifts

A corkscrew is a tool used to remove cork from a wine bottle.  A metal point is twisted into the cork, which is then extracted from the bottle by pulling the device in a vertical direction.  A wing corkscrew consists of a worm and two levers located on either side of the tool.  The cork is drawn from the bottle by inserting the worm into the cork stopper with both levers up.  The levers are then pulled down to lift the cork from the bottle.

A wine collar protects countertops and table cloths from unnecessary spills after pouring wine.  This accessory is placed around the wine bottle neck and is designed to absorb wine that may dribble down the bottle.  Wine collars are also referred to as drip rings or drip collars.

These wine related items are essential tools to every wine geek.  They also make excellent wine gifts during the holidays or on any special occasion.  Aside from wine accessories, there are other unique wine gift ideas that would make the best presents for any wine lover.

Cork ball caps are examples of an unusual and one of a kind gift item.  These baseball caps are made from real cork fabric.  They are waterproof and come in different designs.  There is an option between plain and logo embroidered designs.  Cork caps have adjustable back straps that can fit any head size.

Wine Gift Ideas - Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine Gift Ideas – Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wines and cheese in baskets are sumptuous wine gift ideas.  These wine gifts are packed with a variety of different types of wines, along with a selection of appetizers and delicious specialties that can complement one’s dining experience.

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