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VintageView Wine Cellars, Metal with Wood Coppel TX Project - Near Dallas

Ribbon lighting behind the case storage shines up through the VintageView racking from belowWine Cave Staircase Cellar Best Wine Room Remodel 2014Modern contemporary climate controlled residential wine cellar incorporating wood, metal and stone. It’s beautiful and unique.

It turns a plain unremarkable under stair closet into something special.

The Wine Cellar Design Process

The Meyers of Coppel Texas which is just outside Dallas wanted us to turn their under the staircase curved space into a cooled wine cellar.

They wanted a modern look with both wood and metal. Their current space was a small coat closet at the end of the staircase that only went back 2 ½ feet and ended with a wall.

In this award wining project we worked closely with the Meyers to design a room that delivered their functional as well as aesthetic requirements. The original idea was to have all glass all the way around on both sides.

However from a structural point of view due to the weight and the inherent curved design of the staircase, we needed to leave the load bearing studs in place.

We were however, able to crate a cellar that looked great with windows and glass door on both sides.  Thus still creating an eye catching very open corner view without compromising the structural integrity of the stairs.

Vintage View Wine Cellars, Metal with Wood Coppel TX – Near Dallas
We demolished the space, prepping it for construction. We framed for the door and sidelight as well as the large window. We left a structural corner stud intact that would become hidden with the framing iron.

Window wall after demo - Coppel TX Wine Cellar Project - Near DallasBecause the flooring was only in the first 2 ½ foot area we added matching floor tiles all the way back.

We roughed in for the cooling unit to be installed above the door where it would not be noticeable and re-wired for the lighting and cooling unit, installing a dedicated electrical line in the garage where the condensing unit would sit. We ran the drain line from the condensing unit to the exterior of the home, to drip into the garden area.

We added closed cell foam for efficient insulation and a plywood base. We added the iron framing.

Stone Coat to the Interior and Exterior Walls - Wine Cellar Design Coppell TexasOur next step was to add the stone coat to the interior and exterior walls.

This is a process where crushed limestone from France is sprayed onto the surface and hand carved and colored to become nearly any type of stone look the customer desires.

The Meyers had given us a photo of a stone look that they wanted to achieve.

Glass was then added to the iron windows and door. We also added the handle set and lock.

Wine Cellar Cooling by US Cellar Systems

US Cellar Systems Cooling Units Hidden - Mahogany with Chestnut Stain Lacquer Grill Cover BoxOur cooling unit, a US Cellar Systems RM 2600 was installed out of sight behind the door near the ceiling and the wall lighting added. The cooling start-up and test was performed.

VintageView Metal Racking

We then installed the metal Vintage View racks above in the brushed nickel color. Measurements were taken of the wall to determine the number and size of wine racks needed after the stone coat was installed. We ended up with more bottle storage than on the drawing. A total of 428 bottles.

Rolling Case Storage - Wine Cellar Design Coppell Texas ProjectWe installed the wood case storage with tabletops as well as the wood grill cover and box that hides the fan coil.

This was manufactured in mahogany with Chestnut Stain and Lacquer. We attached the ribbon lighting behind the tabletops to shoot upward toward the metal racks.

The Coppel Meyers have a beautiful and unique wine cellar they can be proud of.

Designed and fully built by Wine Cellar Specialists in Dallas.  Have a drab space in your home that you would like to turn into a stunning wine cellar? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas (972) 454-0480 today and get a free wine cellar design and quote.

Stocking the Wine Cellar - Coppel Dallas Texas

Stocking the Wine Cellar – Coppel Dallas Texas

Stonecoated Walls and Ceiling Inside and Out Coppel Dallas Texas

Stone Coated Walls and Ceiling Inside and Out – Coppel Dallas Texas

Closet Before - Coppel Dallas Texas

Closet Before Work Commenced – Coppel Dallas Texas Wine Cellar Project

Wine Cellar Lighting Spot Lights Shine Toward the Bottles

Wine Cellar Lighting Spot Lights Shine Toward the Bottles