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Wine Cellar Design – Decorative Wine Cellar Art Pieces to Enhance a Wine Cellar Space

A wine cellar is purpose-built to store wines and preserve their quality for a prolonged period of time.  Wine storage rooms are engineered to protect wines against severe fluctuations and bright light by providing a stable temperature, the right amount of humidity, and relative darkness.

Wine Cellar Art and Wine Cellar Design

Wine Cellar Art and Wine Cellar Design

The wine cellar design and construction process not only focuses on the technical aspects of proper storage, but also on the aesthetic appearance of the space.

Contemporary wine cellars are pictures of tasteful décor and elegant flair.  They provide a comfortable environment for storing wine collectibles and at the same time function as a cozy venue for entertaining guests.  There are numerous wine cellar art elements that can be integrated into a wine cellar design, including hand painted murals, stained glass, wine barrel flooring, lighting, and wine barrel carvings.

Wall Murals - Wine Cellar Art Works

Wall Murals – Wine Cellar Art Works

Hand painted murals are art pieces directly applied to or painted on walls and ceilings.  These artistic creations not only provide a dramatic impact, but also add character to a wine cellar space.  These beautiful masterpieces can depict an array of wine related themes, such as vineyard scenes, wine motifs, or wine country landscapes.  Artists can also custom design mural works based on image ideas provided by clients.

Stained Glass Wine Cellar Door for Contemporary Wine Cellars

Stained Glass Wine Cellar Door for Contemporary Wine Cellars

Stained glass is colored glass that is cut into different shapes and patterns, which are then arranged into a mosaic in order to form an image or geometric design.  This material can be incorporated into many components of a wine cellar space, such as entryway doors, glass rack openings, or archways.  Stained glass can also cast a beautiful reflection on storage room walls.  Adding this elegant wine cellar art can enhance the ambiance of a wine room.

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring ( can provide a one of a kind appearance to a wine cellar.  There are three variations of wine barrel flooring: cooperage, wine infusion, and stave.  Cooperage comes from the top and bottom part of the barrel, and features winery stamps and markings.  Wine infusion refers to the inner part of the barrel that is naturally stained by the wine.  The stave is the outside part of the barrel and bears distinctive markings from removed metal hoops.

Each variation has its own unique characteristics and features.  When combined, reclaimed barrel flooring creates a stunning appearance that brings out a sense of history.  Retired oak wine barrels can also be used as matching tabletops or serving tables to create a more visually appealing contemporary wine cellars.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring for a Unique Wine Cellar Design

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring for a Unique Wine Cellar Design

LED Lighting foar a More Attractive Wine Display

LED Lighting foar a More Attractive Wine Display

Lighting systems are another important element of wine cellar design.  For wine cellar specialists, it is best to use light-emitting diode (LED) lighting exclusively in a wine cellar because it produces little to no heat.  These light sources provide the right amount of illumination to view wine labels, accentuate certain spots, and set the right mood inside a wine storage room.  Lighting fixtures come in a range of styles, from chandeliers to wall sconces, recessed can lights to track lighting.

Wine collectors can add personality to their contemporary wine cellars by integrating wine cellar art pieces, such as wine barrel carvings.  This hand carved art is made from vintage wine barrels and depicts anything from the wine lifestyle to a family crest.  Wine barrel carvings are tasteful works of art that can provide a lot of aesthetic appeal to a wine cellar space.

Wine Barrel Carvings - Distinctive Wine Cellar Art Pieces

Wine Barrel Carvings – Distinctive Wine Cellar Art Pieces

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