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Make Your Home a Perfect Place for Wine Tasting and Hosting Parties in Your Cellar.

Wine Enthusiasts – Having Wine Parties in Home Wine Cellars

There are many benefits to having a wine cellar in your home. They are great investments, raising the value of your property.They allow home owners to buy and collect a lot of wine, storing it long term, a wonderful hobby these days. But perhaps one of the most fun advantages to having a wine cellar is when you have parties and entertain guests.

Enjoying Wine Storing and Entertaining in Your Home

Residential wine cellars in Dallas, Texas are a great addition to any home, and they can be a major selling point should the owners decide to put their house on the market.

Hosting Wine Parties in Residential Wine Cellars

Hosting Wine Parties in Residential Wine Cellars

Another advantage to having a private wine cellar is that it allows collectors to buy wines in bulk.  Home wine cellars provide the right climate conditions for wines to age to their full potential.  It also offers ease of access to a wide range of varietals at any given time.

But perhaps most important, wine cellars also serve as the perfect venue for entertaining friends and hosting wine tasting parties.  In fact, wine rooms nowadays are designed not just for storage purposes, but also for entertainment.  Modern wine cellars are a picture of elegance and cozy ambiance, which makes them a great place for holding a little soiree with friends and family.

A wine tasting party is an event where people who are passionate about wines come together to talk about their favorite varietals, as well as try out new and unusual tastes that will satisfy their curious palates.  There’s more to tasting parties than just knocking back glass after glass of wine.  It is a casual setting, preferably in a wine tasting room, where everyone can share their wine experiences and knowledge, and also create opportunities to nurture and cultivate friendships.

Hosting a wine tasting party comes in handy when one has access to a residential wine cellar.  It can stave off the stress of searching for the best location to conduct the event.  Having wine parties in home wine cellars offers a sense of intimacy and quietude not afforded to a commercial space.

Pick a Party Theme

Wine Parties in Residential Wine Cellars - Choice of Wines

Wine Parties in Residential Wine Cellars – Choice of Wines

For wine enthusiasts who are keen on throwing their own wine tasting event, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make the affair memorable.  First is to pick a theme for the event.  A group may choose to compare and taste an assortment of wines from the same grape varieties from different regions.

Once a theme has been picked, the host then decides on what approach to use to explore this idea.  One approach could be to host a vertical wine tasting event, which focuses on wines that come from the same winery but are produced from different grape varieties.  Another angle could be a horizontal tasting party, which involves wines produced from the same grape varieties.

Party Size

Although there is no rule as to how many people can attend a wine tasting party, it is always a good idea to keep the size to a minimum.  The size of the group should be enough to taste test one bottle of each wine.  A single bottle of wine can pour 12 1.5 ounce tastes.  Hence, the ideal party size should be around 12 people.  Limiting the number of people in attendance also provides plenty of opportunity to exchange and compare wine tasting notes.

Types of Stemware to Use and Food to Serve

Picking out the right glass stemware is also an important factor.  Plastic cups are a no-no unless you’re throwing a frat party.  Remember that wine glasses can influence perception and presentation of varietals.  Different shapes of glass stemware can enhance the characteristics and aroma of different wines.  At a casual wine tasting event, wine glasses need not be stylish but should at least be clear enough to see, smell, swirl, and sip wines.

Pairing food with wines is an excellent ideal.  Providing a small selection of finger food appetizers can help intensify the tasting experience.  Examples of wine tasting appetizers are cheese plates, cured sausages and meat, bruschetta, and cured olives.  Serving bread or crackers can help cleanse the palate between each taste.  Also, make sure that there is water on hand to keep guests hydrated.

Table Preparations

In order for the color of wines to be seen accurately, the venue for the wine tasting party must be properly illuminated and the table should be covered in white tablecloth.  If a white tablecloth is not available, white place-mats will do.  Paper and pens should also be distributed, so that guests can write down their observations and describe their experiences.

Home Wine Distribution and Storage Systems by WineStation

Wine Dispensers for Wine Enthusiastes in their HomeA new trend in home wine storage is to install a wine pouring device that also stores your open bottles. When bottles get opened they need to be finished within a couple of days or they get ruined by oxidation. This elegant device stores wine that’s been opened for up to a month.

You can also program the exact amount for wine distribution. This makes for a perfect pour every time. Many wine bars and restaurants use this for serving lots of glasses of wine easily and professionally. Having a WineStation in your home, at your party, can make for convenient serving, reduce spills, and prevent unintended-drinking. And it’s beautifully designed, adding a stunning piece of luxury to your home.

Many Happy Wine Cellar Memories

With a properly installed residential wine cellar, a wine dispenser, and a well planned out event with all the party perks, the event will surely be a success. There will be many more happy memories to come in beautiful home, with the help of custom wine storage and a wine serving room. Enjoy!

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