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Wooden Wine Racks – Why Choose Them?

Proper wine storage is something that all wine collectors should give importance to. Wooden wine racks, custom built and installed by a master wine cellar designer and contractor is one of the best, most classic methods for high-quality wine storage.

It’s very common for people to store wine and end up throwing bottles away later because they turned bad as a result of poor storage. Wine is a beverage that requires proper storage in order to properly mature. There are many factors that contribute to the proper storage of wine and custom wine racks are just one of them.

Wine Racks And Their Different Types

Wine racks can be made from different kinds of materials. There are metal wine racks, plastic wine racks, wrought iron racks, and wooden wine racks such as these in Chicago, Illinois. Each material brings a different ambiance to your wine storage. Some can bring a natural and antique feel to wine rooms with racks, while some can bring a more modern look. It really depends on your personal preference.

Wooden Wine Racks – What Makes Them Better?

Compared to other custom wine racks, wooden racks are better because if you purchase ‘stackable racks’ or kits with extenders they can simply be stacked on top of each other or extended. This means that as your wine collection expands overtime, you will only need to purchase additional racks. You simply add or stack (provided you purchased the stackable racks) the additional racks on top of those that you already have.

In terms of durability, although they are not as strong as metal or iron wine racks, wooden wine racks are still very durable. What makes them better than metal or iron is that wood does not conduct heat. Of course, in a climate controlled wine room with racks, this doesn’t apply as the cooling unit will keep both metal and wood at the right temperature.

The ability to conduct heat can be a bad thing because this can damage your wines by raising their temperature and giving them a ‘cooked’ flavor. Wine is a very sensitive beverage which means it needs to be stored at the ideal temperature with little to no fluctuations. In fact, this is the reason why wine racks should be situated far from any heat source such as a stove or a furnace.

Are Wooden Custom Wine Racks Expensive?

Not necessarily. There are many factors that can contribute to the price of custom wine racks and one factor is the type of wood used. There are many different types of wood to choose from, for example there’s Mahogany, Redwood and Pine although Mahogany and Redwood are the most frequently used woods. Each wood type presents its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are obviously more expensive than others but you shouldn’t let price be a hindrance when choosing the best for your wines. Always choose quality over price.

Work with the Specialists when Installing Wood Wine Racks

Call Wine Cellar Specialists design team and get expert consultation on your wine room, cellar, or wine display. We can find the right type of wood wine racks that fit your home or business.

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