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Experience the Benefits of Investing in a Wine Cellar with Wooden Racks

Why Invest in a Wine Room with Wood Racks

Traditional Wine Cellar with Elegant Wooden Wine Racks

Traditional Wine Cellar with Elegant Wooden Wine Racks

The wrong wine rack material can make or break the overall appeal of your Texas wine cellar. During the planning phase, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of a professional designer and installer about the most suitable material for your storage racks.  You must consider style, quality, and value. It may cost a significant expense in the future if you decide to change your racking system because it does not fit your needs. At Wine Cellar Specialists, wine room with wood wine racks are in demand among our clients.

Choosing the Most Suitable Racking Material for Your Wine Room

Every owner of a residential or commercial space has unique requirements for their wine cellar project. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we make sure that the best material is chosen for our client’s wine racks.  

Why Wine Rooms with Wood Wine Racks are In-Demand in Homes and Businesses

Most custom wine cellars for homes or businesses are installed with wooden wine racks. Wood has known to offer many functional and aesthetic benefits.

Custom Wine Cellar Racks Made from Knotty Alder Wood

Custom Wine Cellar Racks Made from Knotty Alder Wood

It is easy to work with, making it easy for builders to customize the wine racks according to the size and shape of the room, number of bottles intended to be stored and displayed, the  home’s décor, the mood that the client wants to achieve, and the allotted budget.   

A wine room with wood racks provides a relaxing place for drinking wine with friends. The earth tone color of wooden wine racks gives an elegant look and richness to the wine cellar. Wood can also go well with any décor in your home. Its natural beauty can match both traditional and contemporary living spaces.

Ideal Types of Wood for Wine Racks

With various wood species used in construction today, it is best to seek the help of an expert when choosing your wine rack material.

Redwood and mahogany are most commonly used for making wine racks though oak, pine and other woods can also be used in some circumstances. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we do not recommend inexpensive materials, such as Poplar, Fir, Western Red Cedar or any aromatic Cedars.

The smell from these woods could go through the corks and taint the flavour of your wine. Some cedars, called non-aromatic, still have some smell to them and should be avoided.


Wooden Wine Rack System Made from Premium Redwood

Wooden Wine Rack System Made from Premium Redwood

If you love wine cellar racks with reddish tones, you should go with Redwood. It exhibits attractive grain patterns, which are more visible when the wood is stained or lacquered.

Additionally, Redwood is also known to withstand the humid conditions in wine cellars and is highly resistant to mildew, decay, and shock. Its resistance to rot is due to its high level of tannin. So you can expect your Redwood wine racks to last long if maintained properly.

Storing your favorite vintages in Redwood wine racks will add an eco-friendly feature to your wine cellar because the wood is a sustainable material. You can Premium Redwood if you want wine racks with lighter tones or All Heart Redwood for darker racks.

Redwood has similar properties to Cedar, but it has limited availability and is denser. Redwood is also smoother and has less knots than Cedar.


Unfinished Pine (Left) Lacquered Pine (Right)

Unfinished Pine (Left) Lacquered Pine (Right)

Pine is also a good material for wine racks because it is attractive, versatile, resistant to decay, durability, and cost-effectiveness. When left unfinished, this soft wood will add a lighter feel to your wine cellar.

But keep in mind that it should only be used when the racking will not be in a climate-controlled wine cellar, but in a home or store under regular living conditions. It does not hold up well to cold temperatures and high humidity.


Lacquered Mahogany Wine Storage Racks

Lacquered Mahogany Wine Storage Racks

When it comes to strength and durability, Mahogany has an edge over other types of wood, making it a favorite material in manufacturing wine racks. It also takes finishes and stains very well.

Unfinished Mahogany Wine Racks

Unfinished Mahogany Wine Racks

It may display ribbons, stripes, ripples, blisters or rope patterns. Mahogany wine racks are tan to reddish brown in color.

They are sanded to reveal their attractive grains. Kiln drying the wood makes it resistant to damages caused by moisture such as warping and splitting.

Another advantage of Mahogany is its non-aromatic quality. Woods used for refrigerated wine cellars must have no strong odors to protect the wine’s aroma and taste.

Mahogany subspecies include Amber Blaze, African, Philippine, Prime, Malaysian, and Sapele. Among these options, Malaysian Mahogany has the most distinctive tone variations and grains.


Knotty Alder Wood

Knotty Alder Wood

Another wood species that we use in manufacturing wine racks is Alder. It has an even texture that makes painting a great option.

It is the most suitable material for those who want burl clusters and knots to be visible on their reddish brown wine racks. The knots vary in color, shape, and size.

Knotty Alder is a medium density wood with varying wavy grain patterns and lends a rustic appeal than Clear Alder.

Different Types of Wine Rack

In order to create a stunning display of our client’s collection, we use pre-built, custom, or a combination of these wine racks. Our creative team will make sure that your wine room with wood racks will enhance the beauty of your residential or commercial property.

Pre-Made Wine Racks

Pre-Made Wooden Wine Racks

Pre-Made Wooden Wine Racks

Our pre-built wine racks or wooden wine rack kits are available in standard sizes and heights. These storage units are constructed with 1 ½ inches toe-kick base and horizontal dado spacers. One unit can be stacked on top of the other as your collection grows.

Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wooden Wine Racks by Wine Cellar Specialists

Custom Wooden Wine Racks by Wine Cellar Specialists

Custom wine racks are built according to the specific requirements of the client. They are constructed according to the room’s shape and size. The owner can also incorporate his or her own unique design to achieve a stellar custom wine display.

Custom racking is ideal for irregular-shaped rooms. If you are building a wine cellar in a space under the stairs, custom wine racks are recommended so that your racking can fit the ascending ceiling perfectly.

Bottle Configurations for Wine Rooms with Wood Racks

Residential Wooden Custom Wine Racks with Mixed Bottle Orientations

Residential Wooden Custom Wine Racks with Mixed Bottle Orientations

Individual wine racks suspend bottles within the rack and allow air to circulate around the bottle. Each bottle is in its own separate niche. They also make it easier to see and pick the desired wine from the wine cellar. An individual rack for 750 type bottles should be 3 ¾” in diameter to be able to store most any of the larger and odd shaped bottles in today’s market.

Other individual bottle sizes can also be included in your Texas wine cellar to store magnums, very large champagne bottles, split size bottles, or any size bottle you might have. Display rows can be built into the individual racks.

These are rows of individual bottles that are lying back at an angle to show the label. A display row should keep your bottle at no more than a 15-degree angle so that the wine still touches the cork to keep it moist.

Bin wine racks allow wines to be kept horizontally together in compartments, and help to store wine in a space saving way. This is a good way to store many bottles of the same type of wine together. There are many types of bins that can be used such as X cubes, diamond bins, rectangular bins and more.

Do You Want a Wine Cellar with Wood Racks? Contact a Professional Today.


Wine Cellar Specialists master builder

Investing in a wine room with wood racks offers many benefits. At Wine Cellar Specialists, we will help you through the complete process of wine cellar construction.

We design exquisite wine cellars with the right storage space and effective cooling systems to suit your personal needs.

We will also select a floor type that compliments the room as well as a wine cellar door to complete your package.

With Wine Cellar Specialists, you get your personal wine cellar consultant who can help you to create a cellar that becomes one of the most aesthetic features of your home décor.

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