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Wine Storage – Wines and The External Factors

Wines are sensitive to external factors such as temperature, humidity, and light.  Proper wine storage requires an environment where climate conditions are monitored and light exposure is kept to a minimum.  When stored under the right levels of temperature and humidity, wines will mature accordingly.

Wine cellars are the best location to store and age wines.  However, not everyone has the financial capacity to have one installed right in their home.  There are other types of wine storage solutions and alternatives available that can accommodate both small and large wine collections.

Refrigerated wine storage cabinets or active wine cabinets can replicate the optimal conditions afforded by a wine cellar on a smaller scale.  On the other hand, passive wine cabinets have the absence of temperature and humidity controls, but can nevertheless provide a safe haven for wine bottles in varying storage capacities.

Wine cabinets are the best storage option because they combine all the essential aspects required to allow wines to develop and age fully.  Wine storage cabinets are designed to keep the temperature between 50 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit.  These cabinets are also engineered to maintain the right amount of humidity to prevent the air from drying out the corks.

Wine cabinets have ventilation systems that allow proper air circulation inside the storage compartments.  Lack of ventilation can promote mold infestation and bacteria that can damage corks and wine labels.  The presence of molds can also cause odor that can greatly affect the taste and flavor of wines.

Another essential feature of wine storage cabinets is that they provide wine bottles with maximum protection against incandescent light.  Wine storage display cabinets are also designed for whisper quiet operation and less vibration.  In order for wines to mature nicely, they need to be stored in a stable and calm environment.

In terms of aesthetic quality, wine cabinets come in different designs and features that can suit various storage requirements and complement any interior décor.  Most of the cabinets have a combination of a traditional and modern look that allows them to blend well with existing furniture in the room.

There are some important things that need to be considered when purchasing a wine cabinet.  The unit must have good insulation and well-sealed doors.  UV protective coating is a must if the wine cabinet has glass doors.  An efficient wine cabinet should also have interior lights and a retractable shelving system for ease of access.

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Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Cabinets

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they provide refrigerated wine storage cabinets of the highest quality and affordability.  They have a wide selection of cabinets that can accommodate your style needs, space requirements, and price range.

Wine Cellar Specialists have wine cabinet experts who can help you decide on the right wine storage display cabinet for your collection.  They can also design wine cabinets according to your specifications, for that added custom feel to your storage space.

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