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Tour this Modern Commercial Wine Cellar at Dallas's Jaspers Restaurant at CityLine!

Jasper’s Restaurant Demonstrates Modern & Contemporary Design in Dallas Commercial Wine Room

Commercial Wine Cellar Jasper's Restaurant Texas

Completed Commercial Wine Cellar. CLICK HERE to see more projects on Houzz.

Proper product presentation plays an important role in boosting sales. For a high-end dining establishment, investing in a stylish commercial wine cellar provides many benefits. At Jasper’s Restaurant at Cityline in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, their modern and contemporary custom wine cellar design establishes them as pragmatic and innovative trendsetters. VintageView Wine Racks, bronze aluminum frames, and dual pane glass distinguishes this commercial display as a showcase project.

Stylish Walk-In Wine Storage Room – a Great Addition to an Upscale Dallas Restaurant

CityLine is a lively Dallas area where you can enjoy a diverse array of activities and facilities. It is home to high-rise residential buildings, elegant dining and entertainment areas, and other commercial establishments. The urban environment offers a relaxed atmosphere and active lifestyle. You can enjoy your favorite wine while dining in a modern restaurant.

Dallas, Texas Walk-in **Wine Storage Room** in COMMERCIAL** Restaurant

Jasper’s Restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants at CityLine. They have been offering gourmet backyard cuisine for many years. They also sell wines to pair with their exceptional dishes. Originally, the wines were displayed on the shelves in the bar area.

Recently, they decided to add a walk-in wine cellar to create a visually appealing and high-density custom wine display. It did not just add aesthetic value to the restaurant; it also provided a better way to store and organize their wide selection of sparkling wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Eclectic whites, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red blends, Zinfandel, and a lot more.

Well-Designed and High-Quality Components of the Wine Room

In wine cellar construction there are many factors to consider that will help us come up with a design that will meet the storage needs and satisfy the thirst-for-style of every wine connoisseur. At Wine Cellar Specialists we create our wine rooms with passion and creativity to ensure that our clients’ collections are, not only safe, but also displayed in the most presentable away.

The owner of Jasper’s Restaurant requested Wine Cellar Specialists to build a modern custom wine cellar in a space near the bar area. The architect of the restaurant provided us with the dimensions of the room. We utilized metal wine racks and installed a commercial grade cooling system.

Sophisticated Commercial Wine Racks for an Eye-Catching Product Display

Commercial Wine Display Front and Left Wall

Commercial Wine Display Front and Left Wall

Wine storage experts widely use metal wine racks in building commercial wine cellars. They are elegant and easily catch the attention of customers. With different types and brands of metal racking available, it is best to consult with your chosen builder.

On this project, we utilized the VintageView wine racks with a brushed aluminum frame and dual pane glass. When you enter the restaurant wine cellar, a wall greets you, installed with a floor-to-ceiling metal rack. The front section of the racking was designed for triple-deep storage, while the rear glass was single-deep.

In the left wall, you will see another 3-bottles deep wine rack. However, they were mounted on the wall to save floor space. There is a narrow walking space going to the back wall of the wine room. We installed single-deep wall-mounted wine racks on the left side.

Benefits of VintageView Metal Wine Storage System

Label Forward Bottle Orientation VintageView Wine Racks

Label Forward Bottle Orientation VintageView Wine Racks

VintageView has been providing contemporary wine storage solutions to wine enthusiasts in the United States for many years. Their products are precisely engineered to ensure durability. They are designed to deliver dazzling wine displays to wine cellar owners.

Designed with a label-forward orientation, utilizing VintageView metal wine racks provides convenience in browsing your favorite wines. This feature allows the customers to choose a particular type of wine within a short time. It also offers the restaurant’s owner the convenience in wine management and inventory.

Another good thing about storing the bottles with the labels facing out is that it eliminates the need to flip the bottle to check the wine description. Flipping the bottle will disturb the wine’s sediments, which may alter the liquid’s taste and aroma.

Smart Choice of Wine Cellar Cooling System Helped Achieve Humidity Balance and Superior Performance


HS Series Wine Cooling Unit Texas Commercial Cellar Project

The proper wine storage environment can be achieved by cooling the wine cellar with an efficient climate control system. On this project, we used a refrigeration unit from US Cellar Systems, one of the most trusted providers of cooling solutions in Texas.

The unit is a ducted split wine cooling system High Static (HS Series) 10000 model. A ducted split wine cooling system is connected to ductwork to allow the cold air to flow into the cellar through a vent in the ceiling. The warm air is carried out through a return vent, also located in the ceiling.

Features and Benefits of the HS Series Cooling System

Back Wall with Single-Deep Metal Wine Racks

Back Wall with Single-Deep Metal Wine Racks by VintageView

In this restaurant wine cellar, we installed the supply and return vents in the ceiling. The evaporator sits above the ceiling in an area that is accessible by a grill for easy maintenance. The cooling unit occupies no space inside the wine room.

This commercial wine cellar produces no noise because the compressor sits upstairs in an area with the rest of the restaurant’s compressors.

The HS Series wine cellar cooling unit has an insulated rust-proof aluminum housing and an automatic expansion valve to promote humidity balance.

All of the products of US Cellar Systems are ETL certified, factory-wired for simple installation, and pressure tested by the manufacturer.

Let Us Help Create an Eye-Catching Wine Display for Your Business

At Wine Cellar Specialists in Dallas, we create modern commercial wine cellar designs to help boost our client’s profitability. This walk-in wine storage room is a perfect example of the stylish and professional-level work we do. For more information about how to start building a wine storage and display area in your restaurant, please contact us at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!

A view from Outside the Commercial Wine Cellar

View from the Bar Area Beside the Commercial Wine Cellar in Richardson, Texas

Metal Wine Rack Display Texas Wine Cellar Builders

Metal Wine Rack Display Texas Wine Cellar Builders

Single-Deep VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Single-Deep VintageView Metal Wine Racks

View through the Glass Window of the Wine Cellar

View through the Glass Window of the Wine Cellar