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Texas Wine Cellars with Contemporary Wine Racks and Wine Storage Furniture

In the past it has been quite difficult to find “contemporary” style wine racks or wine furniture in the marketplace. Yes, there are different styles of metal racks out there. A contemporary look can definitely be achieved using Vintage View Metal Wine Racks. Now, we also offer a Kessick Contemporary Modular style of Wine Rack as well.

High Quality and Cost-Effective Wine Storage Solution Using Modular Racking

It is important that your builder select high quality and economical wine storage solution for your needs. The style of wine rack is an important aspect in Texas wine cellar construction. It must suit all your functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements.

Although many people love the beauty of custom racking system in their wine storage facilities, modular style wine racks are still in demand among wine enthusiasts. Wine Cellar Specialists recommend Kessick modular style wine racks for residential owners who want to achieve a beautiful storage display without spending much.

Kessick Series Modular Wine Racks for Texas Home Wine Cellars

Kessick wine racks are known for their ability to create a contemporary appeal to your space. The design of these storage units is efficient and beautiful. They are available in Kessick Estate Design (KED) and Kessick Contemporary Modular Style units.

Kessick Estate Design Texas Wine Cellar Racking

Kessick Estate Design Texas Wine Cellar Racking

The Kessick Estate Design Series Racks is a budget-friendly solution for wine collectors. You can have a Texas wine cellar as beautiful custom wine rooms without breaking the bank.

Kessick Contemporary Modular Wine Rack for Texas Homes

Kessick Contemporary Modular Series Wine Racks

The Kessick Contemporary Modular Series consists of pre-designed storage racks, which are available in floor standing and wall mounted units.

Other Features of Kessick Modular Racking System

These modular pieces come in 20 different groupings. You can purchase one or more grouping and arrange them to suit your wall in a design of your choosing. Some of these modules even use Vintage View racks inside the cubes. The best of both worlds… combined.

There are wall mounted and floor mounted styles. Each design is ready to install and comes with all hardware and accessories needed. LED lighting is even an optional choice. The different styles come in lacquered mahogany, black lacquer, or a brushed aluminum (a stainless steel look).

If you are looking for something really modern and contemporary and are tired of the traditional wine rack look…. Kessick Contemporary Modular wine racks may be for you!

Contemporary Wine Racks? Wine Storage Furniture? We’ve Got ‘Em!

Watch the video tour to learn more about the features and size availability of Kessick Modular wine racks.

Need Help in Choosing a Modular Wine Rack System?

Wine Cellar Specialists can design your Texas wine cellar using modular wine racks. You can reach them at +1 (866) 646-7089.



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