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Custom Wine Cellar Builders Baton Rouge Louisiana – Ryan’s

Custom Wine Cellars Builder Baton Rouge Louisiana – Ryan (A Processed Video Transcription)

Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana Project by Wine Cellars SPecialists

You are looking at the drawings for Ryan’s wine cellar. He decided to create his custom wine cellars  Baton Rouge Louisiana off the back of his veranda. The cellar will hold a total of 1,634 bottles. We have a Chianti Door opening into the cellar right about this area.

3D Wine Cellar Design - Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana

3D Wine Cellar Design – Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana

You noticed that each elevation is designated by a letter – elevation A, elevation B and elevation C. The table shown in the center is a table by Ryan. We just gave him dimensions so we’d know how much space he would have around it.

We are going to look at elevation A to begin with. This is the left wall. We have individual bottle storage on the bottom. We have a solid cabinet below. There’s nothing inside this cabinet because that is for Ryan’s plumbing that goes for the sink above. We have a glass rack and a rectangular bin above that.

All of this is individual 750ml bottle storage. We have a high reveal display row all the way across with a light valance above. The light valance is a place to hide the LED ribbon lighting to shine down on your display row.

Ryan's Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana

Ryan’s Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana

We have two grill cover and boxes here up above. These hide the RC 6600 twin evaporators for the cooling system. You’ll notice that we have a 4-inch toe kick and base molding as well as a 3-inch 2-step crown molding above.

Elevation B is the back wall. We have a support rack at the left and right with the elevation A and C made up of elevation B.

In the center we have Lattice Case custom wine racks and a Lattice X-Bin as well as a drawer, and some individual bottles on the right.  This also is a double deep custom wine racks section.

Custom Wine Racks Baton Rouge Louisiana

Custom Wine Racks Baton Rouge Louisiana

We have a wine barrel table top all the way across elevation B as well as elevation A. We have a solid arch with hard carved grapevine design and a pop light opening. On each side of this arch we have a row for magnum size bottles.

Above the arch are horizontal custom wine racks that will hold magnum and larger size bottles. Individual 750ml bottles on either side.

Going on to elevation C, we have more lattice case storage down below. We have lattice diamond bins above and we have a rectangular bin on the end with adjustable shelves.

This is the overhead 3D view of Ryan’s custom wine cellars  Baton Rouge Louisiana. You can see the wine barrel table top going all the way around to the back and the left wall. This is looking in from the door, looking in from up above to the left wall and back, the right wall and back, the left wall and looking in from the outside. Here is the Chianti Arched Door on the outside of the wine room.

I do have some photographs of the completed wine room. Here again is the Chianti door after it’s been installed. This is an up-close view of the hand-forged wrought iron grapevine design on the door.

Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana

Custom Wine Cellars Baton Rouge Louisiana 

We have the opening door looking into the wine cellar. This is inside the wine cellar on the back wall. The upper left wall showing the grill cover and box, the glass rack, some of the lighting that Ryan has installed.

This is the cabinet with the sink and the arch with the grapevine hand carved design. You can see the wine barrel table top below. This is below the arch area – diamond bins and case storage, or rather X cubes and on the right wall are the diamond bins, lattice diamond bins and lattice case storage.

This is a picture of inside the garage where Ryan had his HPAC man install the compressor unit for the wine cellar.

Hope you’ve enjoy looking over Ryan’s drawings  and his completed cellar photographs – the racking, the cooling, the table tops – all supplied by Wine Cellar Specialists or Wine Cellar Builders Baton Rouge Louisiana.

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