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Custom Wine Cellar Builders Dallas Texas Project for Dann

Custom Wine Cellar Builders Dallas Texas – Dann Project (A Processed Video Transcription)

Custom Wine Cellars Dallas TX – Wine Cellar Builders Dallas

Dann's Wine Closet

             Dann’s Wine Closet

The Dann Wine Closet Part 1.  You’re looking at a photograph of the completed Dann wine closet.  This is a custom wine cellars Dallas TX project that we completed that used to be a pantry off the kitchen.

We’re going to begin by showing you the drawings.  This is the overhead or plan view.  Each elevation is designated by a letter: elevation A to the left, B to the back, C also to the back and elevation D to the right.

You can see that this wine cellar should hold 496 bottles.  Upon completion Mr. Dann was actually able to fit 514 bottles in this wine closet.

Waterfall Rack - Custom Wine Cellars Dallas TX

Waterfall Rack – Custom Wine Cellars Dallas TX

Elevation A, the left wall, is a waterfall rack.  This pantry is under the staircase so there is a slanted ceiling on the left side.  So we follow the line of the ceiling with the wine racks.  These are all 750ml bottle wine storage.

What you’re seeing here is a support rack for the back of the wine closet where the double deep section comes out and this is just to support the other racks above which are not visible.  You’ll notice that the racking is 13 1/2 inches deep, it has 1 1/2 inch toe kick and base molding and we have 2 1/4 inch crown molding at the top.

Elevation B, the back wall, is a double deep X-bin storage.  It is a solid storage with a horizontal rack above.  Here is where your horizontal display rack shows your bottles; they are actually 3 deep in these racks, a little table top so that Mr. Dann can set his bottle there when storing his bottles or choosing one for the evening.

Elevation C - Back Wall of the Wine Closet

        Elevation C – Back Wall of the Wine Closet

Elevation C is also a back wall.  This section here is where the ceiling is still slanting.  Here we have a straight up ceiling area.  This is cut out where your grill cover and box comes out from the right wall; and again you can see we have a 13 1/2 inch rack depth.  Here we have a display row, a high reveal display row where Mr. Dann can display some of his bottles.

Elevation D is the right wall.  This is six-inch deep rack because the doorway comes quite close to this wall.  These are the horizontal display racks going all the way up and a large grill cover and box.

The grill cover and box is much larger than usual because of the way we have to run the lines for this cellar.  The drain line could not go straight down to the drain with the gravitational flow so we have to add a condensation pump below the cooling unit to pump the condensation up before it could run down.

Overhead View - 3D Drawing by Wine Cellar Builders Dallas

Overhead View – 3D Drawing by Wine Cellar Builders Dallas

This is an overhead view of the custom wine cellars Dallas TX showing where the doorway is, your horizontal racks here, the grill cover and box, individual racks on the left and the back and the table top and the horizontal racking on the back.  This shows looking in from the front; this is looking in from the front as well, what the racks look like.  These are just some 3D views showing the racking here and this is looking out and if there were no roofs looking at the back going in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the drawings for the Dann Wine Cellar. In the next video I’m going to show you photos of the Wine Cellar Builders Dallas project before, during and after.  Click on the second video to continue.

Completed Custom Wine Cellars Dallas TX

Completed Custom Wine Cellars Dallas TX

By Wine Cellar Specialists-Wine Cellar Builders Dallas.  Check out another video tour of a custom wine cellars Dallas TX project at this web page.

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