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446 Capacity Lacquered Mahogany Wine Cellar Closet Conversion

Starting with a very plain closet and visualizing the end result is always a challenge when designing a custom wine cellar. Conversions like this take experience to get just right. What we like about this job, is the way the wine closet became an exciting feature in our client’s sitting room.

This conversion went as far as to relocate the owner’s closet door from the hall into the sitting room, creating a feature entertainment area. If you watch the video you will see the detail of the design on an elevation by elevation level.

Although the closet was very small we were still able to design in everything from solid bins to solid “X” cubes on the bottom level and high reveal display rows and a light valance that really created a “pop” to the overall look of the wine room.  On the top level we opted for a mix of standard 750 ml racking for capacity, magnum storage racking and solid horizontal display racking for character.  The horizontal wine racks allowed three levels deep in wine bottles to create a nice looking display of featured wines.

Extra detailing such as 1.5 inch toe kicks and a concealed split system wine cooling unit gave the wine closet a professional finish.  The split refrigeration system was ideal for this job as it allowed the compressor to sit outside the house taking up less space and reducing ambient noise.

The overall wine storage capacity ended up at about 446 wine bottles and you will see in the plan view how we managed to pack so much into such a small and confined space.

How to Convert a Closet into a Custom Wine Cellar Dallas Texas
On this job the before and after pictures, really highlight the transformation of the closet and its impact to the owners home which they also redecorated at the same time.  You will notice that the wine cellar door is double pane glass to show off the wine cellar closet.  It’s worth noting also that the custom wine cellar door was specially constructed to act as a seal to ensure the cooler air in the closet stayed in the closet where it belongs. We think that this is an excellent example of what can be done with a boring closet to enhance and create an enviable feature in a home.

Do you love wine and do you have a boring closet?  Why not consider a wine cellar closet conversion like this one simply by contacting us today for a free 3D wine cellar design or call our Dallas office at 9720454-0480 or Toll Free at +1 (866) 646-7089 and kick off your project today.