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Facts About Wines Stored in Your Chicago Wine Cellar

Wine seems as old as time, but I have only recently become fascinated by it. It was not something that I planned, but let’s just say that I stumbled upon it and started to get curious. As with other things that took my fancy, I read up on wine and found many interesting facts that fueled my fascination and enthusiasm leaving me awed and amazed.

Wines are not just bottles filled with intoxicating liquid resting in one’s Chicago custom wine cellar. There is more to wine than what we usually see. Here are some interesting facts about wine:

1. Dionysius, a Greek god, is said to be the god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature. He is also Bacchus in Roman mythology.

2. Red wines are fermented with the skin of the grapes which gives the liquid its red hue. White wines are made from grapes without their skins.

3. Foot treading of grapes is still done to produce small amounts of port wine.

4. Wine is said to have medicinal value. It helps in the control of high blood pressure if a glass is taken daily. However, there is an increased incidence of developing certain forms of cancer.

5. Oak barrels are used to store wine. One oak barrel can last for years.

6. Most wines produced today are ready to drink and do not require aging. Very few (and expensive) wines are aged these days and reserved for special occasions. Those wine which are aged are stored in wine cellars or wine cabinets equipped with modern cooling systems.

7. Wines in weddings symbolize fertility and life of plenty. These are the basic wishes people have for the newlyweds.

8.The word “aroma” is used to describe the scent of a young wine. “Bouquet” is used to describe the scent of a mature or aged wine.

9. Wine that tastes watery is said to be diluted. It is believed that the grapes used for watery wine were harvested during the rainy season.

10. A wineglass is held by the stem to prevent the palm from warming the liquid in the glass.

11. There is nothing one can gather from smelling the cork. The cork is examined after opening the wine to check for molds or dryness of the cork. This will indicate if the wine was stored properly in the wine cellar, hence, maintaining the quality and superior taste.

12. In the old times, the host of any gathering takes the first sip before serving the wine to guests to check if the wine is poisoned.

13. The combination of type of soil, climate, sunlight, and slope affects the grapes grown in a particular region. These are the factors that make each grape varietal unique.

14. Red wines are served with red meat while white wines are paired with white meat and fish. Sweet wines are served with dessert.

15. Climate change is slowly affecting the wine industry in the current popular wine regions.

16. A wine cellar door both refers to the entry of a wine cellar and a winery’s tasting room.

17. Wine tasting is a tourist attraction in itself in most wine regions, not only for enthusiasts but also for those who are curious and willing to learn something new.

These are just few of the interesting wine facts I have come across as I read about my new favorite topic these days. I can see that there are more interesting facts that will catch my attention and fascinate me more. I may even start filling up a wine rack or a wine cabinet to start my own collection.

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