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Kessick Wine Racks for Wine Storage and Display

Modular and Wall Mounted Series

One important aspect of collecting fine wines is investing in high quality wine racking solutions.  Wine racks are designed to hold wine bottles the proper way.  Most racking systems are built to facilitate horizontal storage that allows the cork to continuously come into contact with the wine.  Keeping the cork moist at all times is vital to maintaining the taste and flavor of wines.

Kessick Wine Racks Select Series

Kessick Wine Racks Select Series

Wine rack storage and display units come in a variety of configurations and storage capacities.  They offer versatility in design options that can suit a range of needs and requirements.  There are wine storage solutions that can be hung or mounted on walls to free up floor space while others have modular features that provide flexible arrangement.

Kessick wine racks are designed for wine collectors who want to bring a modern and contemporary look to their wine storage room.  Kessick is known for their  Estate Design and Contemporary racking systems, with the Select Series as the latest Design Series.  Their storage and display units have always been unique in terms of design format, aesthetic quality, and wood variety.

The Select Series are wall mounted wine racks that make use of a cleat system that allows for ease of installation and secure mounting of the racking system.  The cleat hanging installation method keeps wine racks off the floor and provides enough ceiling clearance for additional storage.

Wall mounted wine racks come fully assembled, along with wall install kits that wine collectors can easily put together on their own.  The Select Series is available in a range of design formats, such as label forward displays, display rows, hanging wine glass rack, quarter round displays, wood case storage, X bins, and true radius curved corner displays.

Kessick Wine Racks - Estate Modular Wine Racks

Kessick Wine Racks – Estate Modular Wine Racks

Kessick Estate Design Series are modular wine racks that come in four different pre-fabricated models and configurations.  This type of racking system includes arched tabletop, individual bottle storage, diamond and rectangular bin storage, and high reveal display row.

Today, the Estate Series can already be customized such that you can add more or change pieces to fit your storage needs.  There is also an option for additional features such as LED lighting, lacquer finish, as well as back and side panels.

Contemporary modular wine racks are also available.  These storage and display units feature floor mounted and wall mounted racking systems.  No assembly required for these units.  They are shipped ready to install.  The design format also comes with complete hardware and accessories.  The inner and outer part of each module is coated in a black, satin finish.

Contemporary Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Contemporary Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Kessick wine storage and display units are made from Pine and Sapele Mahogany.  Pine is an excellent option for displaying wine bottles in a non-climate controlled environment such as alcoves and small closets.  Minimal staining is needed for this wood specie because of its natural grains and patterns that are lovely to look at when raw.

Sapele Mahogany suits the cool and damp conditions of a dedicated wine storage room because this wood variety is naturally resistant to mildew. It is also very durable and stable.  Sapele requires no stain since it has rich, deep hues that are strikingly beautiful. It has natural coloring that will eventually darken as it ages.

Kessick wine racks are ideal for both large and small scale storage.  These are high quality wood based wine storage solutions that can befit modern themed apartments and wine cellars.

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