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In this, one of our latest residential custom wine cellars just completed in Dallas, Texas, we show what can be done with a very small available space.

Dallas Texas Wine Cellar Closet Conversion

As with many modern urban homes, storage areas can be at a premium, in this home we had only a tiny closet, less than 2′ 6″ wide by 6′ deep to work with. The challenge therefore was to create something in a contemporary style that would be both eye catching and yet functional enough to store sufficient wine. The final wine closet cellar stored 252 standard wine bottles, plus additional racking for three full size magnums above the door.

After a brainstorming session with the client we decided to make this a fully climate controlled wine storage room which entailed installing the proper insulation and vapor barrier. This client made use of his local contractor to perform the installation work.

Given the constraints we were working with on this job we supplied a CellarPro 1800QT wine cellar cooling unit along with a rear duct kit for the refrigeration system. With this particular refrigeration product, the back of the unit can be ducted to a space a short distance away from the wine room. In this case we were able to recommend it be ducted to a point approximately 10ft away into the hallway where grills for the supply and return air could be installed. This enabled the hot air to be ejected in a convenient location away from the cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars Closet Conversion Dallas Plan Drawing

We did have a small hiccup with this installation process as can be the case when using private contractors. Luckily for our client though, we were able to catch the problem Just as his builder was installing the vapor barrier on the cold side of the insulation…. the wrong way! Although the installer insisted that he had built wine cellars before and knew what he was doing, we noticed he was about to install the vapor barrier on the inside of the insulation. Installing the vapor barrier and insulation in this way can lead to significant condensation and mold problems down the road. After a lengthy discussion though, we were able to have the contractor install the vapor barrier and then the insulation correctly, on the “warm” side, in the floors and ceiling before fitting the racking.

This is something we have seen many times where builders assume wine cellars are constructed similar to regular rooms, only with a vapor barrier added. As refrigerated wine cellars can ‘draw moisture’ over time, due to the constantly maintained cooling, care must be taken to get the installation and vapor barrier just right.

For the wine racking itself, the client chose the more contemporary style black metal wine racks from Vintage View. Not only are these inherently modern looking, they also lend themselves to high density wine storage in very confined spaces. The metal racking stores the wine, floor to ceiling, in a sideways label forward manor. This storage method takes up very little space and allows easy selection of wine. Watch the video for the exact layout and sizes.

Small Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Texas — Griffith

Wine cellar doors are very important in sealing and insulating refrigerated wine rooms. For this project the client acquired an excellent reclaimed antique freezer door, this made for an ideal and distinctive doorway solution.

We think you will agree that the unusual mix of contemporary black metal wine racking, installed on deep burgundy walls, all accessed via the antique salvaged wooden wine cellar door, makes for a very unusual and impressively finished residential home wine room.

If you live in a modern home with limited space but have wondered about the practical nature of turning a small space into a wine storage room, we hope this this project will serve as inspiration for you. If you did find this project insightful, we recommend that you also take a look at the Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Texas – Nelson and Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Texas – Howell projects which also turn limited areas into beautiful custom wine cellars but of very different styles.

Call us today at +1 (866) 646-7089 and get your own free wine cellar conversion consultation. We will be happy to create a custom 3D design for you so you can visualize and understand how a wine storage room could be added to your home, even in the smallest of spaces.