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Wine Cellar Doors in Stainless Steel for a Stunning Contemporary Look

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Doors Single Diamond Dual Pane tfa

Beautiful Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Doors with a Diamond Style Dual Pane Glass Design – Durable & Secure

All our stainless steel wine cellar doors are shipped free and constructed with duel pane tempered glass and have full weather stripping included to maintain a contained environment. Between the glass designs as shown opposite are stunning yet practical. They also have a built in threshold and come pre-assembled and pre-hung. They are all highly energy efficient and have a low maintenance and durable finish which is very easy to clean. The doors also exhibit high oxidation resistance, this means they won’t rust or corrode. Other advantages of our stainless steel doors are that they will not shrink, warp, rot, or sag like some other materials, ensuring longevity. For added security they are very strong and come with a built in deadbolt locks and double vault pins securing it to the frame. All doors come in the specific sizes shown in the detail below.

Shipping is FREE to U.S. and Canada Addresses

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